Day 5... Still waiting

So today is 5 days overdue now. Due date was for the 20th and ive had the show, terrible back pain for 3 days and i can barley walk. Booked in on monday for another sweep, im not sure if it will work to be honest... Belly still hasnt dropped and have had no signs ill b in labour anytime soon. Im just fed up, want this all to be over. Can i ask to be induced? Im liturally in pain, dot sleep at night and if i do its only for couple of hours. Im worried i wont have enough enegery to push during labour. Ive done all the advice people gave me also. Trying to be paitent but its very hard!!!

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Ahh I really feel for u. Baby will come soon I know it must be so frustrating. I wouldn't recommend asking to be induced without knowing the full facts so maybe speak with your midwife when u have sweep but from what I can gather they won't induce you unless health risks or if you will still be overdue they will book you in for an induction. I was induced and was not told the full facts which upset me. Good luck and hope baby arrives soon :-) x


They don't induce on request. They typically will do an induction on day 12 of being overdue and only bring it forward if there are medical reasons to do so. You really wouldnt want to force the baby out too soon and cause them possible distress in doing so anyway. I know it's uncomfortable and frustrating hun but you are so close. Just hang on in there, you are doing really well x


Hang in there Baby_j! I think it is really hard not to feel you are going crazy when you are waiting after D-Day has come and gone! Especially hard if you are not sleeping well. I totally sympathize - my 5th baby is due in a few weeks and all of the other four have come after their due dates (between 2 and 17 days over). Sure that you are sick of people telling you to try and rest anywhere, anyhow you can but every little helps. Although induction is a postitive experience for some people I would echo Mummyleanne's comments, my first baby was induced and it was difficult - it's not always the easiest option. The symptoms you describe sound really positive though as if you might be well in to the pre-labour time. I wonder if your backache could be because of baby's position - do you know if your baby's back is towards your back? That can have an impact on how things unfold at the start of labour. You could look up the 'spinning babies' website if you think your baby is back-to-back - it has tips for getting babies to swing around. My last two have been back to back so I think it is something good to be aware of. Even with back to back babies though things get going in the end and somehow your hormones see you through even if you haven't slept much! And don't worry that it seems 'all quiet' some babies do seem to come out of nowhere - my easiest (and earliest) birth was like that, just as I was thinking 'oh well, nothing doing - better settle in for another week or so!' she decided to come along that night. I've also noticed, personally that when I reach the end of my tether and feel I am really losing it labour usually starts soon after - I hope that is what is happening for you tonight! All the very best. x

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Owwh! I honestly smypathise with you, but I think an induction should be the last straw really!

I've personally never being induced with any of my kids (2) but what I've heard from family & friends who have had all told be its no walk in the park & can be more painful than just waiting it out.

I'd say see what happens after your sweep on Monday & stay as active as you can for the next few days.

Wishing u luck! :)


Really hope the sweep tomorrow works. It's a great sign that you've had your show. All I can do is send you loads of sympathy and positive vibes as I know how awful and uncomfortable it can be. Your message yesterday helped me through a really tough time.

Oh the advice! I know people mean it well, but I've had a heap of it from friends and family. If one more person tells me to eat a curry...! Or my personal favourite: "get your husband to drive you over a hump-backed bridge".

Have a chat with your midwife tomorrow. Even if they won't induce now, it can be really helpful to get an idea of when they would consider doing that. Then you can count down towards that date, rather than it just feeling endless. But really hope it happens sooner for you. X


I was 5 days over due too he made his move the day before my

2nd sweep was due

Dont worry your body will find the energy i was up from 4am the saturday morn cos of pains baby didnt arrive till 2.17am sunday and belive me you find the energy even after i had him didnt sleep as just watched him i must of been up for over 36hrs

Good luck hope baby moves soon for you xx


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