Wahoo! I had a baby!!!!

Wahoo! I had a baby!!!!

My absolute little gem, Amelia faith Finally arrived at 00:02 this morning- a full 2 weeks overdue, after I was induced Thursday :) over 24hours of hard labour and very little pain relief. Super proud of myself! Although I did end up in theatre after a bad tear afterwards :/ but to be honest, I think I was far too overwhelmed to care!

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  • Amazing! Well done, she is so cute :)

  • Aww congratulations a lovely name and a beautiful little girl :-) x

  • Lovely pic. Well done you!! The brilliant end of a looooong journey lol. Huge congratulations! X

  • Well done! Gorgeous baby enjoy and hope you recover quickly

  • Wow :)

    Well done & a beautiful name too

    Welcome Amelia Faith


  • Wow! Super cute picture - congratulations! X

  • Congratulations :) lovely name and such a gorgeous little girl! :) x

  • Congratulations! Ahh what a cute picture! Xx

  • Awww beautiful! Congrats and well done xx

  • Ahhhh Congratulations, amazing news and lovely name, it was on my girls list ;-) Beautiful picture. Welcome to the works Amelia

    For the tear I was recommended thigh high warm bath, glass of milk, 1 drop each of lavender & tea tree oil. We called it 'Bliss in a Bath' and I looked forward to it every morning whilst I healed.

    Enjoy every moment Xx

  • Sounds fab! In serious need of some tlc, not sure what I expected from child birth but it wasn't to feel like this afterwards!

  • I don't think any of us do chick, just have to go with the flow :-)

  • Ahh yay congratulations xx

  • Yay another beautiful baby in the world congratulations x

  • Yay! ! Congratulations to you! Enjoy every moment:-D welcome to the world Amelia xxxx

  • Awwwww congratulations! Well done to you. Enjoy every second and a big hello to Amelia xx

  • Fab news, well done you she is lovely and I love her name. Take it easy with those stitches, I promise they'll heal even if it feels like they never will! Enjoy motherhood, congratulations x

  • Wow sounds like you had a rough time. Every reason to be super proud, she's beautiful and a very pretty name, congratulations!x

  • congratulations dear and welcome to the world cutie xx

  • Thank you ladies, been a tough first night home but we got there- lots of naps in store for today :)

  • Awwww.....gorgeous! Congratulations!

  • Congratulations she is beautiful xxxx

  • Congratulations! Such a besutiful baby x

  • Very beautiful congrats x

    Hopefully this will be me next year I currently suffer from endometriosis but plan to have fertility testing in a few months wish me luck.

  • Good luck Hun, hope everything works out for you xx

  • Amelia Faith - lovely names for a lovely girl! Many congrats :) Aww look how big the mittens look on her ... I remember Saskia's being like that. What did she weigh? x

  • Hehe she so tiny! She was 7lb 7.5, don't know where because she seems so small! I was worried all the sleep suits I bought were going to be too small but everything is huge!

  • Ahh Thts like my son..everything was a bit big..he still wears some of them now with a bit of a squeeze 20 weeks later..least theres lots of growing room. With the tearing I feel ur pain as It happened to me..I was sitting on a cushion for weeks after..it does get btr but take it easy xx

  • Ohj congratulations. Hope all is well with both of you xxx

  • awww shes beautiful!!! :)


    and hello Amelia faith :)

    24 hours sounds tough :/ was this ur first?

  • Yeah she's my first. It wasn't so bad looking back, just made for a very long day feeling like I wasn't getting anywhere xx

  • :) awww i bet hun :)

  • Wonderful! What a beautiful photo, massive congratulations! Well done :) xx

  • Congratulations what a little gem x

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