How much water would you give your LO if they were a bit constipated?

My daughter has been on gaviscon since she was a couple of days old (she will be 12 weeks on Monday) and I had been gradually weaning her off it until she was not having any but in the last week she has begun coughing and spitting up a bit (signs of reflux) so I have started her back on it a couple of times a day. Her stools had started to get soft when weaning her but now she is back on the gaviscon, they are getting firmer again and she is straining a bit. I wouldn't say she is constipated but she might be on the way to it so I just wanted to give her a bit of water between feeds. I gave her 40mls earlier which she took without any problem but I don't want to give her too much.

Opinions please?

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  • Hi hun, my lil man had a lot of problems with straining, grunting and basically riggling with his guts :( the doc gave my lactoluse which I gave him once a day mixed in his milk as he wouldn't take orally, I did that for a week and it did wonders !! He's 16 weeks on Wednesday at the minute I make a 4oz bottle of water in the morning and give it to him through out the day sometimes he'll take it and sometimes not but I mainly do it for him to keep hydrated :) I would recommend lactoluse not for a long period for my lo one week on that and now he poos normally once to twice a day with no problems, hope that helps xx

  • Hi

    My Lil one is going to be 13 wks on Tuesday & I'm now combining her feeds with breastfeeding & formula with Lil tasters of food in a weaning cup.

    Since I've been doing this Ive noticed she only poo's every 2/3 days.

    I don't think she's too constipated but I do hear her straining slightly at times during the day. I also give her some cooled boiled water but I find she likes to do the do in her own time

    ( usually when I least expect it) :)

  • Lol and if she's anything like finley its when ur out somewhere nice or shes in nice clothes. ..thats often the case here lol xx

  • Haha :) Defo!

    I had'to change her entire outfit the other day as she done the most explosive poo I've ever seen from her.


  • Ahh the explosive poos !! Can't count how many times I've had to cut Cole out if his white vests otherwise he would have poop on his face lol xx

  • LOL :)

    That just sounds hilarious

    ( just not so hilarious to clean) LOooooL

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