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How long did you stay in hospital/birth centre for?

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Hello ladies, just a quick one - I am 36+5 today, nearly full term, very excited but also terrified at the same time. I'm still hoping for a water birth in our birth centre in Huddersfield, led by midwifes, especially after a tour I had on Monday - it's absolutely gorgeous in there! I was wondering how long did you stay in after admitting in established labour? I'm thinking how much food, clothes, nappies etc. to take with me x Thanks in advance x

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I've had 2 birthing centre births and was in and out the same day. Both babies had exactly the same timing which was weird - I went in at 7am-ish, they were born at lunchtime and I was home by 5/6ish. Generally birthing centres work on a 6 hour discharge if there are no complications. If I were you I'd assume I was staying for 1 night so pack 1 nights worth of stuff for you and 4 changes of clothes for baby (they puke and wee through things a lot at first!) if anything happens and you need to stay longer/be transferred to hosp etc your birth partner can alway grab more stuff for you.

Good luck with your birth, I'm so glad I chose a birthing centre for mine, I'm sure yours will be lovely :-) x

Hi hun my first I stayed in one night and my boys I came home same day after about 6-8 hours. I think it all depends on what time baby decides to make an appearance! If baby born first thing in morning could be same day however if lo comes mid to late afternoon could be a night in. Ultimately it up to you hun xxxx

I had my son at 6pm and after being minor stitched up It was getting on for 8pm but stayed in over night and was home nxt afternoon. I just took a pack of nappies. .Loads of big knickers and sanitary wear. ..2 nighties and loose going home clothes. U can always pack another bag at home and if need be ur oh can get it for u xx

I remember going into my local birth centre / unit at about 4:30am when my contractions were 5 mins apart & my daughter was born by 9:00am.

So, I then took a shower by which time I just needed to wait for the baby to be checked ( I.e eyes & ears) by the midwifes & pediatricians & was given my discharge notes for the health visitors visits.

All in all I was in & out in 9 hours.


Yes, would second what people have said - my children have mostly been born at home but my first was born in hptl after induction (and I've always packed a bag in case of transferring in) - even after induction and some stitches I was out the following day. Get your birth partner to do some packing too - they are often the ones who end up hungry and thirsty (though lots of birth centres have a kitchen they can use for tea and toast etc). If you want to cover all eventualities - if anything arises which means you have a longer stay you could always get a 'back up' ready at home for your birth partner to bring or just write a 'rider'! The odds of all going straightforward are totally in your favour in a birth centre so I'm sure you wont need it! All the best. x

Tricky question, i had 3 children and every time stayed for 4 days mind you every time had episiotomy, 3rd time had 2nd degree cut , so I am not the best example to go by. Hope you will have a straightforward delivery

I only stayed one day for observation and I don't know how is your hospital but I only packed enough nappies to stay there for a few hours which wasn't enough and the midwives were saying they were not allowed to give me nappies but yhey had to give.

Hey I would say to definitely pack enough for an overnight stay. But I would have plenty of stuff at home in an easy place to get on standby just in case (i put it in the boot of the car lol). I did this and I'm glad I did as I ended up in for a week. We had most of what we needed and my partner only needed to make a few brief trips to get more as the days went on x

I wanted a water birth & had a very comprehensive hospital bag for me + hubby + baby and my beanbag and my birthing ball.

I ended up being induced (NOT part of the plan!) at 1pm on the Tues. At 11pm that night they sent hubby home. At 330am he was called back in again. At 4am I was taken to labour ward -they were horrified by all of the luggage! ;) At 11:16am she was born. I went home that evening so hardly used anything as I'd packed for a possible 3 day stay (incase I'd had to have a cesarean, which I didn't).

However, 2 days in at home we ended up having to go into hospital so the hospital bag (which remained unpacked in the bedroom) came in VERY useful then!

Hi, wishing you all the best for the delivery of your little one. I had our BEAUTIFUL little one at 18.51 and came home the following day at 14:00 hours. I think as long as there are no complications you are able to go home quite quickly! . Little one was checked by paediatrician before we could leave. I would pack two/three sets of pajama's, a light night gown, sanitary pads, nursing bra's, breast pads. In terms of nappies, we used possibly 10-15 (I was still learning how to use them at first!!!) I would take some snacks and drinks in for you and birthing partner in case you get hungry and labour is longer than anticipated. We took three sleep suits (different sizes, up to 1 month and 0-3 months) 3 vests and a cardigan. It was summer though so we didn't need many layers for little one. Make sure you take a change of clothes/take home clothes for yourself! (I forgot those!!) Are you thinking food for yourself of bottled food for baby, I think babies have bottled feeds every 2-4 hours (although packs say every 3 hours, but every baby is different) Muslins are also good to take in case of any baby sick! We also took a blanket in as I wasn't too sure if the hospital provided. Hope and trust all will go well! XxxX


I agree take stuff for 1-2 nights. But I would have a back up bag at home for more nights. I stayed in hospital for 7 days so I'm glad I had the 2nd bag waiting as god knows what my husband would have bought in!!! Lol x

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