7 week and green poo, bottle fed S26 gold

Hi ladies my LO is 7 weeks, boy, and passes green stool ever since he was 5 days and cries with colic and wind and he wakes up every 2hrs at night, sometimes when being fed he cries with dummy in the mouth and I could feel some movement in his tummy like his got lot of wind and it happend every second time when he's being bottle fed even at night, I've tried colief, colix, telament drops, reuterina, prebio and nothing seem to work, I'm so confused rite now!

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  • Hello, I fed my baby aptamil or cow and gate "comfort" formula. It's specifically for babies with colic and/or constipation. As soon as we started this formula, he went to the toilet with ease and like clockwork, and as for the colic, it stopped immediately! He brought his wind up very quickly and easily with one big burp!! We also used anti colic bottles. Perhaps you could try using one of these formulas instead? X

  • I agree with rach.try a diff milk Powder. My niece has intolerance to milk and the doctor prescribes her some special milk. Does your baby have any other symptoms eg little spots on face. HHopefully it will just be a case of trying a 'comfort' milk! Xx

  • He's got some spot on the face that doesn't go away

  • While I was pregnant with him I was lactose intolerance so I used to take soy milk and I stayed away from things that contains milk even ice cream, maybe he's lactose intolerance too, I'll speak to his paedetrician

  • I think it would be worth it even if it's just to rule it out xx

  • I don't know if it's the same but my midwife told me green poo is a sign that they've over indulged on milk, but we're breastfeeding so might be different. Hope you find a solution to his discomfort.

  • Green poo could be a sign of too much lactose; 'comfort' formulas have less lactose in them. I've never heard of s26-it's not a brand I've seen over here (IoM). Mine is on SMA but I have tried her on aptamil comfort but it made her poo greener and even runnier. She wouldn't finish any feeds and was terribly grouchy. The poos absolutely pong when they are on comfort too!! (Not that they smell of roses any other time lol) Aptamil and cow & gate are exactly the same so don't try one of these then the other as it would be pointless. If you were lactose intolerant when pregnant, I think you should get the baby checked out for this before trying a different formula.

  • Hi, I went through this, my wee man is now 12 weeks and fine. The only thing that made a difference for us was changing him to aptimil comfort, we had been through 5 different types of formula and finally found that at 9 weeks and he had a much easier time from then. You must be completed drained cos I know I was but it will end soon, comfort formulas seem to have less lactose in them and are easier on their stomachs. Hope it gets easier :-)

  • Its so difficult isn't it! Especially when the little one is in pain and discomfort! We used the infacol as they can use this straight from birth! Maybe changing bottles to anti colic may help too! When they get older they can use gripe water! Hope you find something that works! I remember once someone saying they walked up and down the stairs with lo and that helped with wind! XxxX

  • My little one has spots on her face and greenish poos. Should I be trying a different formula? She's having a mix of expressed breast milk and SMA 1 formula. x

  • I have the same and I've started giving him comfort milk seem to work bt I can't say much coz I'm giving it a week so to say if its works bt I think its helping coz there's a slightly change! He seem to sleep more during the day now

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