37+1 weeks pregnant and experiencing lower back pain with diarrhea. Could this be the start of labor?

37+1 weeks pregnant and experiencing lower back pain with diarrhea. Could this be the start of labor?

the back ache has been present since Wednesday teatime - its not strong but like a deep dull ache that wont go away - its now my hips and down below which isn't nice as walking hurts and getting on and off the loo or out of a chair or bed - baby is still active but not as much as usual - any advice? thanks

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  • I would call your midwife/hospital I think it would be but it's best to make sure just explain what's happening and they will be able to determen what's going on

  • Sounds like you could well be in the early stages of labour to me.

    Its something which is very hard to tell when you're feeling it but I also went into labour at 39+4 with my last born ( now 3months old) & I believe it started very similarly.

    The best thing is to do is see what happens in the next few hours as if you phone your midwife she'll most likely tell you to relax & time any contractions you're feeling.

    Good luck :)

  • It could be early labour symptoms. Doesn't mean proper labour will be imminent though....could just be your body preparing. Definitely keep an eye on it all in case of contractions, etc. I had early Labour symptoms from 36 weeks with the midwife insisting the baby was coming and he arrived at 41 weeks lol. Keep an eye out though for any leakage of fluids....part of my symptoms were leaking my waters, but no-one listened and when he came we both had infections because I had been leaking slowly for 5 weeks!! x

  • :/ oh my water hae been slowly leaking for weeks :/ but been told its nothing :/

  • Yh I was told it wasn't my waters, I may have wet myself, etc. Then when it came to giving birth I was really ill for 2 days before with flu like symptoms but really felt terrible....couldn't eat or sleep. Was told this was normal but in fact it was infection setting in. Waters broke more in the morning. Went in to be checked and was going to 've induced then meconium in waters and baby distressed. So emergency c section under general anaesthetic and we were both in hospital for a week with bubba up in scbu and I had horrific fever and couldn't breastfeed. All because they didn't listen to me! x

  • bloody hell thats horrible :( got me more worried now lol

  • Lol no please don't worry. It's kind of typical of my luck. I'm sure it isn't a common thing so just look after yourself and I'm sure all will be fine :-) x

  • Fattyboom just out of curiosity can you plz tell me how did you know your waters were leaking and when you did your scan how come they couldn't see that there wasn't enough amniotic fluid around your baby, also the size of your bump???

  • It was little leakage and I had a lot of fluid....when they broke it properly at hospital, it went on and on and they were laughing about it lol. Basically, one morning near 36 weeks, I sat up on my bed and leaked a little. Not wee though. It was a little puddle of clear but kinda straw coloured fluid. This happened a couple of times a week at first, then every other day then every day. I would soak through a pad or two and then it would stop. I got really ill then one morning a huge gush, followed by a constant trickle. Went to hospital to be checked and she said my waters had broken but she wasn't sure where as seemed intact. Then she broke my waters completely when examining me and I carried on losing more fluid for nearly 2 hours. Every time we thought it was done, off it went again lol x

  • Ah these things are never straight forward and amazing the amount of water you had, the main thing is that both of you are safe and sound now

  • Yh he was well protected in there haha! I was told I was all baby by the midwife and that terrified me as I thought he'd be massive.....I was absolutely huge! Everyone thought it was twins. Turns out I had enough to fill an Olympic size swimming pool and he was a lovely 7lb14oz :D

  • lol Midwives think they know it all, I learnt to never trust them as it's a hit and miss game with them, my son was 4kg and no one had a clue and I wasn't huge at all , the list of the mistakes I suffered from becoz of the midwives is endless.

  • thanks for all your replies - rang midwife - been told to keep an eye on pains n see what happens :)

  • Becks good luck and plz call your midwife to be on the safe side

  • thanks hun and yeah i did yesterday and today - just been told to monitor n see how i go :)

  • Great☺️keep us updated, lucky u not long to go, I feel terrible already and only 31 weeks wish my due date was yesterday

  • i hope not and its not false lol as im really fed up now - tired achey and need a rest lol :)

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