What to dress my newborn in?

Hi ladies, me again! Firstly, thank you for all of your words of wisdom so far - you've been really helpful to me as a first time mum. I'm due in 8 weeks and have been getting bits together and just want to check what you all do with dressing your babies! I've bought lots of packs of various things; bodysuits (long & short sleeved, no legs) sleepsuits with feet and short sleeved vests. I know I might be being a dimlow but was thinking on a daily basis - nappie, vest, some sort of bodysuit , socks and maybe a cardy if it's chilly. For bedtime-a nappie with a sleepsuit. Is this ok? what do you do? I don't want to dress her in outfits as such until she's a bit older!

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  • Hey. My bubba was in a nappy, short sleeved vest, and a long sleeve feety babygrow in the day. Cardi as you say if its chilly and when they are diddy they spend a lot of time wrapped in blankets too. He would wear the same at night...but a clean set. As it got colder I introduced fleece sleepsuits and sleeping bags too x

  • Great - what I was thinking. Got lots of blankets & quilts for the moses basket & cot but i'm sure I've read you shouldn't use quilts with newborns just blankets as they can pull the quilts up on themselves? what do you use? xx

  • Yh quilts can overheat them and as you say they can pull them over their face. I like to use the cotton cellular blankets when they are little as I favour layers over thickness. Then a sleeping bag when he got bigger. It gets absolutely freezing in my room at night though so he does have a thin blanket over this too and I just check his body temp by sticking my hand down his vest lol x

  • Yeah I agree, for the first few weeks my LO was in a short sleeved vest with a long sleeved babygrow with feet. Same at night. I swaddled him at night as he wouldn't keep covers on him. I used a thin muslin cloth to swaddle and put a blanket over the top. I then moved onto sleeping bags when he was big enough.

  • Very much the same as the other ladies have suggested on here. One thing that was helpful with the Moses basket - put a rolled up towel either side of the Moses basket and put baby in the middle. Midwife suggested it helps to keep them feeling secure but also gives you something to tuck the blankets into.

    Just keep an eye on their temperature so they don't get too hot.

    I was also given a glo egg when my LO was born which I didn't really see the point of to start with but I have to stay it's really helpful just to glance at the colour on it and I instantly know if he needs a blanket with his gro bag or whether I need to turn the heating down etc...

    Not sure how expensive they are but very handy xx

  • Ooh good ideas thanks. I'll look in t the glo egg xx

  • I dressed my babies in a sleevless vest ( with the popper buttons) & a sleepsuit for about 2 wks after birth as that time I'm not likely to be going out.


  • Yeh my son always wears a short sleeved bodysuit for day and night but obv a fresh one for night but yeh as its colder now he has fleece sleepsuits for night and some fleece pyjamas, and a sleeping bag. X

  • You are very sensible to give the outfits a swerve! I have an 8 week old and I am a huge fan of the sleepsuit! Especially those with built in scratch mitts. My OH likes the house warm so I don't bother with the vest. Easy on and off, and when they are tiny they hate being naked so every second counts. Plus if you have pampers nappies with a wetness indicator you can easily peek in!

    I also love the grobag now he's big enough as it makes the temperature change less likely to wake him when I sneak him into the cot. I go for a long sleeved vest underneath.


  • Mine has always loved being in the nuddy (gets this from her father I think lol)

  • Yeh same..my son laughs when hes naked rolls around and thinks its funny tht hes on his side so tht I hav a job getting his nappy on lol x

  • Haha wait till he crawls away too lol :-D xx

  • Lol I look forward to tht. X

  • Hehe I envy you that! Mind you let's hope she grows out of it at some stage... Could be troublesome! Xxx

  • wetness indicators??? !!! blimey, i'll look in to those too, thanks xxx

  • don't worry about them..u will kno when ur babies wet as the nappy will weigh a ton and to see the wetness indicator u hav to practically change them..i haven't looked at them in 20 weeks x

  • wetness indicators??? !!! blimey, i'll look in to those too, thanks xxx

  • How old do they need to be for the gro bags then?

  • the grobags are great - you can get them for 0-6 months but I didn't start using mine until about 3 weeks ago (12 weeks tomorrow) as she could have wriggled down - i'd say when they are around 10lbs it would be safer x

  • I concur with the above; only difference is I only gave her a clean vest and babygrow each morning (not one for the morning and another for the night).

    Layers are the way to go, not thickness. My bedroom is quite cool at night so she is in her vest, baby grow, grobag (from about 9 weeks old), cellular blanket, fleecy blanket and a spare to go over if it's particularly cool.

    She did get lots of pretty outfits from family and friends so I've always put them on her whenever we've gone out (can't waste them).

  • Thankyou ladies - very helpful as usual xxxxxx

  • Ps grobag min weight is 8lb 8oz according to their blurb.

    And pampers nappies for newborns have a yellow line which turns blue if it comes into contact with urine - genius!!

    I had no idea until someone told me. But then I never read instructions! Xx

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