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Nursing bras/things to wear whilst breastfeeding?



I'm currently 35+4 weeks and I'm thinking about buying some nursing bras. I've heard some people say that it's better to wait till the milk comes through incase your breasts get a lot bigger? During my pregnancy my cup size hasn't changed at all - it hasn't changed since I was 15 lol so should I expect a sudden growth spurt or should I just buy them now? Also, any recommendations of where to buy nursing bras from (I'm on a budget!) I have a M&S gift voucher so will be able to get a couple from there.

I'm also wondering whats best to wear 'tops' wise, I never wear buttoned tops and since it's cold I've been living in thick jumpers. I was planning on wearing vest tops under my normal tops so that I can pull down the vest top and lift up my normal top? I've avoided wearing maternity clothes since they are so dowdy so I'm not keen on wearing nursing tops either - I just want to carry on wearing my normal clothes! I really feel the cold and usually wear a few layers so I'm just wondering how it will work having to lift up layers of clothes and then pull a vest top down and then undo a nursing bra :/ Any suggestions welcome xx


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I was like boobs didn't grow in pregnancy but when my son was born I went up 2 cup sizes. I got a couple of mine from m and s and they are fine..also got a few prettier ones from bravado online.

I used to wear a strappy top u der my clothes but was too much faff and now I just wear whatever..I wear my normal clothes..everything from t shirts..jumpers the only thing cant really wear is a its winter most of my jumpers cover him when feeding but when am out I just take a light blanket just incase and covers him and any bare skin by my tummy area although my clothes cover it. My son is nearly 20 weeks so now I am pretty used to undoing my bra from the top, popping him under..cover him and let him do his stuff..don't really think of it anymore as its just become part of my day x

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Ditto although I still opt for the under vest option and use a muslin tied to bra for discretion in public. My bras Mothercare and they recommend getting measured about 37 weeks, she allowed room for milk to come in which is about day 3, your boobs will continuously change size throughout the day until you find your supply and demand sorts itself out. My bras have fitted regardless of this :-) X

I was told by mothercare to wait 2 weeks before baby due. However I didn't gety bras till she was a week old. And got 2 for £28 in there. M&s do prettier ones I feel but had a voucher for mothercare and used that. Will definitely get a couple more from m&s though. I often wear a vest top as so much easier x

I was the same bra size all through pregnancy. I went to get measured at 38 weeks & she advised one cup size up for when my milk came in & she was right. I bought some Next maternity bras off eBay & they are great quality & only about £8 each so I stocked up on a few black and white ones.

I wear a vest top underneath all my normal clothes & when I'm feeding I pull the vest down and my other top up. It's really discreet & often people don't realise I'm feeding him! I bought about 10 vest tops from primark for about £2.50 each & just wear them every day.

Don't buy special nursing tops, they're not worth the money & you will be fine just wearing your normal stuff.

I bought bravado bras from website 'from here to maternity' they are stretchy and go up and down with your cup sixe and they are honestly so comfy, come with adapters to change to normal bras when finished breastfeeding too.

Mothercare do nursing tops so it saves you lifting all of your top up.

I initially bought a couple if nursing bras which we're expensive! They were okay but I have found sports bras to be the best thing for me, i am comfortable and it is easy to feed. Totally personal choice but a lot cheaper as you can get them from asda etc for around £4

Thanks for everyone's advice :)

Think I'll go into town next week and try some nursing bars on and see what they are like, might wait another week before actually buying but will see if they are stretchy etc.

Xanon - I've been wearing sports bras from asda everyday for a few months now lol they are really comfy but I'd like something that comes down instead of having to pull the bra down every time xx

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They aren't the most prettiest of things lol x


I got two Bravado bras. I also got a nursing top and a nursing dress. This made life easier to begin with, especially when out and about and when I was trying to get used to bf. However, I now wear my ordinary pre-pregnancy tops. I wear a light vest underneath and a scarf. I can lift my top without feeling like I'm exposing myself. It's also nice to wear stuff that isn't just about nursing (as much as I love it!!). Loose layers are handy.

H&M do great nursing vests. I always wear one as a base layer and then usual clothes on top. Then you can easily lift jumper or top, undo nursing vest straps and feed - tummy and top of chest covered! Very discrete and easy

Thanks Irishmama, I'll have a look in H&M those tops sound good :)

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