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Ovulation date - confused


Hi i came off the pill in march 2013 and have had a few irregular periods since. I then came on on the 22 November and again on 19 December and haven't come on again yet. I am confused as to what date I should be ovulating on as my periods came last for 15 days. Any advise greatly received :-)

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they say that u ovulate 14 days after the first day of ur period...but thats textbook and we all know mother nature likes to jerk us around at times. if ur periods are irregular then its likely that ur ovulation is also irregular and not quite settled. If theres a possibility of pregnancy, I would do a test now and repeat in a week or so if nothing has happened.

Some women can take a year or more for their bodies to reconfigure after coming off the pill, especially with long term usage. Why not have a chat with ur GP about it and ask their advice. Sorry couldnt be of much help :( x

Thank you for your message its just all a little confusing x


Like you, my cycles were all over the place. I came off the pill in September 2012, then didn't have a period for 4 months, then had to wait another 4 months followed by 2 very short cycles after that. I eventually fell pregnant in September 2013 so it took me and my husband a year of trying to conceive to be successful. During that time I did go for blood tests to make sure my hormone levels were correct, and everything was fine. It was just taking my body a while to sort itself. I think if it gets to March and things still haven't sorted then I would advise going to the doctor to see what they say. I was told they wouldn't be able to do further tests etc until you had been trying for a year. Have you considered using the Clear Blue Fertility monitor? This will pinpoint when you ovulate, and will also indicate when your LH surge is prior to ovulation so may really help you given your irregular cycles. I got one on eBay for £48 brand new so it's worth looking around for them.

I'm sure all will work out in the end, but I can appreciate how disheartening and difficult it can all be.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I just didn't realise my periods would be all over the place like this. Its just annoying as you dont know when you are going to come on etc between each cycle. Did this monitor help you or did you just fall lucky? Anything will help. Going on my last two periods I should have come on by now - last weekend. I did notice a little bit for a day or so but nothing else has come of it

It's very annoying, I just wish I had known how things would be once coming off of the pill. If I had known I potentially would have stopped taking it sooner. It really all depends on how long you were taking the pill for as to how long it takes your body to start regulating and making its own hormones. I found the monitor really useful given my situation, especially with cycles all over the place and it did help me in the end. When you say you noticed a little bit, do you mean a period? Was it very light, pinkish or brownish in colour, almost like spotting rather than a period?

Same here I would have stopped sooner if I had known that this wad going to happen but you never know. Yeah a period it was light brownish with a bit pinkish in colour but as I say only for two days and not all day either. X

Exactly, you never know! I don't won't to get your hopes up but that sounds possibly like implantation bleeding, especially if it wasn't red in colour like you would normally expect. It could also have been a sign you were ovulating, your body disposing of old blood before a new egg is released. Perhaps leave it another week or so (or 2 weeks from the date that this happened) and do a pregnancy test.

Still not had a period im getting fed up now just wish my periods would be more regular.

Have you done a pregnancy test?

No I havent. I started spotting again last week but then nothing became of it.

I would suggest doing one, if you aren't having proper periods. Failing that, sounds like it may be time for you to take a trip to your doctor for them to investigate further.

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