Still waiting... 2 days overdue

So after the failed sweep on monday, im currently 2 days overdue! Im so fed up, i wanna meet my lil buba! I have tried everything in the book to get things going from curries to sex. As of yet, nothings worked. I keep getting calls and texts to see weather baby has arrived yet which is also annoying, although i understand people want to know, but surely i would tell them! I have another sweep booked on monday, but tbh i just want him/her out now. I feel like ive been pregnant forever!

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  • What is it with January babies eh lol. I think they must be experiencing the after-xmas blues as they dont wanna come out and say hi!

    Really hope ur sweep works on Monday, I've seen a couple of posts in reply to similar issues that have said that the second sweep was more successful so fingers crossed for u xx

  • Thank you :) x

  • Aww hopefully ur second sweep works, I have my first one sat, and hoping that works, I'm only due today tho. I know what u mean about ppl ringing & texting its sooo annoying. But hopefully we'l be hearing your birth story soon :) good luck for Monday. Xx

  • Thank you!x

  • Have you tried acupressure, reflexology or an aromatherapy massage, supposedly they can help. I haven't tried them myself, but even if they don't start things off, they'll give you a nice chill out time. Obviously you need to find a practitioner who knows what they're doing re inducing labour using these methods.

    I started having contractions after a long walk and my husband giving me permission to have the baby because he had completed an assignment for the course he was doing!

    I saw a good post on Facebook the other day for those last few days - Keep calm status will be updated when baby is born!

  • Haha that status is brilliant wish id had that when i was waitng for my lo x

  • No havent tried them, i havent found anyone who does it in my area as of yet. I went for a long walk yesterday so hopefully it will speed things up x

  • I was in the same boat as you last week. At 39 weeks I had a joy had another at 40+2 which worked my little boy was born on 16th (5 days late).

  • Its so annoying whn your expecting something and then time passes and still nothing!x

  • I don't think they should give an precise date when your baby should be born maybe instead they should say "January some time"

  • Ah good luck BabyJ, cant believe it is past your due date.

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