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Baby making odd vibrating type feelings?

Hi guys, never posted a question before but can see everyone is really nice so I'm hoping my question won't seem too silly. Last night baby started moving making my pelvis feel like it was almost vibrating, is this normal? Baby has kicked and moved loads since so I'm not too worried, it was just a really odd feeling, not painful but uncomfortable. Anyone know what this could be? I'm 26 weeks tomorrow. X

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Hey..welcome. I cant say I experienced a vibration feeling in my pregnancy but as long as baby is moving as b4 then I wouldn't worry..might just be where/how the babies lying. X


Hi, could be hiccups? That can feel like lots of rapid movements and can last a while x


I get the odd spell of "vibration" type movement and it always makes me chuckle as it reminds me of something my OH does regularly... when he stretches out as far as he can, his body starts to vibrate and shake. I just imagine our baby doing the same in bump haha.

Most likely cause of the vibration feeling though could be that baby has knocked into one of ur nerve endings down there, causing a slight muscular spasm or, as poppy rightfully pointed out, it could be baby hiccups while trying to get the hang of "drinking" in the amniotic fluid. Aslong as u feel baby moving well afterwards, it isnt much of a concern :) xx


"it reminds me of something my OH does regularly" ... I was wondering where you were going to go with this comment...... lol




Hi ladies, thanks for your replies was just the weirdest feeling. Not sure if it was hiccups poppy didn't feel like several rapid movements just one drawn out movement. Gigglysheep I think maybe your right lol. And ceribean thanks for the welcome :) baby is my first so everything that happens I'm like "omg is that normal?!" Lol


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