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Very unhelpful GP and still clueless mum to be?

How has people's 1st GP visit gone?

Hi there,

I'm very confused at the min. This is my 3rd pregnancy

I came off my pill (cerazette) on the 2nd Nov 2013. Users of this pill will no you take in continuously with no breaks, and you have no periods. I haven't had a proper cycle since stopping either. Only 2 days of bleeding on 18th and 19th dec. took a hpt on the 10th jan, with a feint positive result, so re tested again 2 days later and got a strong positive.

I went to GP yesterday but my doc wasn't there so had to see a locum. I asked for early dating scan as I had no idea of cycle or conception dates etc. he said he would input my info and I would be contacted by a midwife. But I called surgery today and they had no info of it. Said they would leave a note for midwife to call I'd she needs to?

I'm now really stressing out as I have no idea how many weeks I am, or if I'll get a dating scan like I asked, or if my pregnancy has even been "input into the system"

Going from my bleed dates I would now be 5 weeks but surely I wouldn't have got a positive home test result 2 weeks ago, when I would have only been 1 week pregnant?

Any help or advice greatly received x

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I'm vague on it now but I remember a stupid issue when I got pregnant. After my positive tests, I went to the GP to get them to register me with the midwife. He told me that I needed to do nothing but wait for a midwife to send me an appointment letter and get a scan appointment. Heard nothing for ages so on a day off work, on a whim, I went to the hospital and asked at the antenatal unit if they could let me know what midwife I was allocated so I could contact them. There she informed me that I needed to register with the hospital antenatal bit before I would be given any appointments at all and that the GP should have told me that. He hadn't. Buffet the hospital were very helpful and my appointments came through swiftly after that :-) x

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Thanks for advice. My usual GP is brilliant but off sick so I saw whoever was covering. He gave me no info pack which I'd had 2 previous pregnancies. Do you think I should contact my local hospital then? I've tried to google for a number for midwife and haven't found 1 as yet?


May be worth giving it a go for definite x


The info pack will be given to you by your mid wife on the first visit.


Hi dear,

Let me start sympathising with you and the frustration that comes with not knowing, but I have to add that you might NEED to buy a digi to tell you roughly how far gone you are, IF you are pregnant.

The GP or LOCUM is not unhelpful -- this might be standard practice.

From my experience when I found out I was 2-4weeks pregnant o rang my GP and they booked an appointment for me to see a midwife in 4weeks. By then o would have been 8 weeks.

It was during that first meeting that I discussed the dating thing with my midwife --- I have pcos, have not had period since April, so couldn't understand how a test in July was showing positive.

My point is, calm down! The stress is not good for you, your mid wife will assist you and offer you as many scan as you like if she deems it necessary.

That care and be well x


Hi thanks for advice. I called the antenatal clinic this morning and was advised that I did need a dating scan and to be booked in with a midwife but need a referral from my GP. After calling my surgery it was explained to me that my doctor has been signed off for a while and the gp I had seen hadn't input the info into the system, as well as the surgeries secretary being away the relevant information hadn't been passed to the hospital. Hopefully it will all be cleared up within the next few working days


I recommend doing a digital test, that will give you an idea of how far you are gone.


i have an exact same narrative as Fattyboom. My first pregnancy and I have no clue what are we to do (because we were also new to UK NHS) -

We go to the GP tell her I am pregnant, she says congratulations start taking folic acid and I will let the mid-wife know and they will contact us (we were with University practise than so there was no one particular GP but anyone out of 10+ doctors at the practise). I was 5 weeks than going by my cycle.

2 Weeks later I call the practise again to know who my mid-wife is (as I just had red piss (was not blood but beetroot juice taken with dinner) enough to scare us off). The practise had no idea that i was pregnant, but as I was crying on phone and suggested that i had blood in my piss they decided to ask a mid-wife to call and monitor me while I was given a doctor's appointment in the evening. The mid-wife was so sure that i miscarried early (just I was the one insisting that its not a miscarriage but could be a real bad urinary infection)

The doctor did a urine test and found that although the fresh sample is still red, it does not have any blood (morale: dont drink beet root juice even if it is sooo damn healthy to)

the midwife called again and apologised next day and placed me for an appointment at 10th week, but also booked my scan appointment than and there at 12th week (which was a relief, because I dont have to run after it or remind them of it again)


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