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How has people's 1st GP visit gone?

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Hi there,

I'm very confused at the min. This is my 3rd pregnancy

I came off my pill (cerazette) on the 2nd Nov 2013. Users of this pill will no you take in continuously with no breaks, and you have no periods. I haven't had a proper cycle since stopping either. Only 2 days of bleeding on 18th and 19th dec. took a hpt on the 10th jan, with a feint positive result, so re tested again 2 days later and got a strong positive.

I went to GP yesterday but my doc wasn't there so had to see a locum. I asked for early dating scan as I had no idea of cycle or conception dates etc. he said he would input my info and I would be contacted by a midwife. But I called surgery today and they had no info of it. Said they would leave a note for midwife to call I'd she needs to?

I'm now really stressing out as I have no idea how many weeks I am, or if I'll get a dating scan like I asked, or if my pregnancy has even been "input into the system"

Going from my bleed dates I would now be 5 weeks but surely I wouldn't have got a positive home test result 2 weeks ago, when I would have only been 1 week pregnant?

Any help or advice greatly received x

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I didn't go to my GP at all, I think I made an appointment with the midwife at around 8 weeks? I think the clear blue tests tell you how many weeks you are if you are desperate to find out x

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Hey - the test instructions always tell you to make a GP appointment but in my experience they're not interested and just refer you to the midwife. Generally I believe most midwives do first appt at 8 weeks but this may vary depending on location. As suggested previously a clear blue test will is a quick and easy way to estimate how far gone you are. Oh and congratulations!!

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My G.p is very similar as my surgery is quite large to some other surgeries I've seen I always seem to see a different g.p everytime I go.

Therefore i m constantly repeating myself of things that should have been saved on their databases.

I'd say give I few more weeks & hopefully by then your usual doctor might be back from holiday so you can get the ball rolling.

So how did people book to see a midwife? I've 2 older children and with there pregnancies I went and see my GP and then was booked a hospital antenatal booking appt and then scans from then. But if I'm not in the "system" I worry I may get missed

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I went to the docs first but they said they have nothing to do with pregnancies now so I booked a midwife appointment there and then, think they are at our surgery 2 days a week.

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For me I call my GP surgery and ask for an appointment with the midwife, but not all surgeries have a midwife at the same place. Everywhere is different, which is annoying! My midwife then books my scans at the hospital. You could ask the receptionist at your docs for the midwives number so you can call them direct?

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I didn't even see the gp I called expecting to be told I needed an appointment, but I was just given the community midwife number and she made me a booking appointment within a week. Each area must have different procedures! X

Thanks again for this. Midwife was at surgery this afternoon I di leave my number for her to call but knowing she prob wouldn't. Think I'll ring hospital in the morning and ask for the antenatal dept and speak to someone there. Thanks x

Hi hun

If you call up hosp and ask to be put through to the community mw's they should be able to book you in for a booking appt and possibly sort a early scan for you xx

I guess it depends on each area. I live in north west London and as soon as I found out I went to the GP. The GP just took my dates and asked me which hospital would I prefer to be booked under and sent a referral to my preferred hospital. The hospital contacted me between 7 and 9 weeks to make the first booking appointment and 12 week scan. I saw the midwife at 10 weeks and had first scan between 12 and 13 weeks. I hope this is helpful, good luck and congratulations on your pregnancy :-)

Thanks for all your help. I called antenatal clinic at my hospital and they said I needed a referral from my gp which they still haven't relieved 4 days later and agreed I would need a dating scan, so have had to chase surgery up to make sure the doctor faxes over the relevant information needed. Hopefully now I've been on there case there pull there finger out and get it sorted. Disgusting really how I've had to chase up the docs to make sure they've done it properly! Hey ho!

Called antenatal again this morning and they still haven't received a referral for my dating scan, trouble us without knowing any of my dates they can't book me in for a midwife appointment or the vital neauchal scan until they know my dates. Catch 22 situation. Antenatal clinic ave been really helpful wish I could say the same about the receptionist and secretary of my GP practice! Really annoyed that I'm having to chase them up to get this appointment! :(

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