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16 weeks pregnant and gone of food

Lately I've been finding it hard to find something I want to eat, I sometimes find myself wondering around my house trying to think of what I want and there's nothing, my mum makes meals for me and buys healthy foods but still nothing. I'm under a lot of stress with the baby's fathers mum aswell and I've felt depressed could this be something to do with if aswell?

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Emotions definitely play a part in whether a person wants to eat. I'm sorry to hear you're under stress and feeling depressed with the Father's mother - is it something you could talk about? I would suggest you keep an eye on how you're feeling, and perhaps see someone if you're feeling more down.

I also think hormones are playing a part - I've found that I have certain cravings for things and can't make my mind up (On Monday I walked round the city centre of where I live for about an hour, trying to find a baguette I wanted...and it was gross when I made my mind up :-(!) Have you found you can taste and smell things differently, so are more likely to go off food?

If you're struggling to find something you want, perhaps ask your Mum to take the ‘choices' away from you, whether that's being cooked for or having a meal-plan made up. If you feel like you have little or no appetite,eat small meals, but often.

Hope this helps X


Its a mish-mash of emotions, stress, hormones and a general feeling of icky-ness around the start of the 2nd trimester that can put u off eating. I was at ur stage in the height of the summer and felt really ill, I knew I was hungry but couldnt face the thought of any food and in the end just went by what my partner wanted for dinner and had a small portion. I lived on ice lollies for most of that period.

Best advice I could think of is not to over-face urself. Put only a small amount of food on ur plate and see if u can eat it. Keep some to the side incase u feel like u can eat more. If u cant, leave it wrapped up in the fridge once its cooled and maybe try to heat it up later if u feel hungry again (although be careful with fish n poultry, always reheat to piping hot to avoid a tummy bug). Sometimes its not a case of wanting the food but needing it, I hope it gets better for u soon and some of ur want comes back. Mine did once the temperature dropped a little and now at 39weeks I eat like a horse, cant stop lol. Be strong and look after urself petal x


I'm like this all the time! Never know what I want to eat them something will just pop into my head. And it's normally something I can't have/haven't got in the house!!

The hormones and stress you are under will not be helping at all. Are you just not ranching anything or does food make you feel ill? You could always just try plain foods, like toast/bread/pasta etc. Or maybe soup because it can feel like more of a drink rather than food, especially if you drink it from a mug rather than bowl and spoon xx

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I've finally ate a ham sandwich from the deli shop down the road which my mum kindly went and got me, It's all good, I try eat little and often that don't seen to work, I've lost my appetite completely good don't interest me at all, I just drink as much as I can and when something I want pops in my head If I have it I make it then once cooked or once I have it I just don't fancy it anymore, x


That's fine so long as you are drinking and eating when ever you can I'm sure you will be fine! Just keep doing what you are doing, even if you only want ham sandwiches fir the rest of your pregnancy! :) xx


bless you hun all i do is eat! i actually wake up to go wee in the night and think about the chocolate or biscuits i know are in the cupboard and cant go back to sleep until ive had a bit lol! Defo try and kinda make yourself eat tho otherwise youl end up feeling weak...need a strong mummy for bubba :) xxx



during the second trimester I went off food completely, I lost my appetite from before I could eat alot then all of a sudden I didnt want anything. I'd eat about 1 third of a meal and be stuffed! But by the time I was around 24 weeks it all changed again & it felt like I was eating everything in sight!! I know other people who were the same so I wouldn't worry about too much


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