Breastfeeding when out and about. How??

So I'm having real trouble with breastfeeding my 16day old. She struggles with attachment, feeds for hours then screams for more! But what I'm worried about is how I'm going to cope when I actually have to leave the house. So far I've only gone out between feeds or to my parents and fed her there. She comes off and on during feeds a lot and I really don't know how I'm going to be able to feed her whilst out in the general public. I've seen women just walking around feeding their children in a sling of some sort but with her constantly reattaching that wouldn't work. Anyone out there who can tell me how they do it? Thanks x

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I hav a light blanket that I pop over him and just do it tht way..hes 19 weeks so he quite often comes off and has a nosy around and squeals lol. If shes struggling with attachment maybe go to ur local bf drop in as they might b able to advise u on different positions as she might b uncomfortable x


Have a look at a breastfeeding cover - I've got a bebe au lait one. Used to just use a blanket but the strap round the neck and the stiff top hem means I can see baby all the time but no1 else can. Makes such a difference especially as I have a 3 year old who is always after something so I can never sit still! Bought mine on eBay, probably wouldn't have paid full price for one but I would now!

Agree with seeing a breastfeeding consultant to help with latch, your health visitor should be able to point you in the direction of a group x


I either find a quiet corner in a cafe and use a muslin cloth so I don't reveal too much, or else I use a baby changing room in a department store. I've definitely found that he is more relaxed about feeding if I am, so I'm learning to be less self conscious about the whole thing.

Also it's got easier as he's a bit older now and generally feeds for shorter time periods.


I think what your feeling is perfectly normal and you will become more comfortable feeding in public as you & your baby get more established which can take about 6 weeks. As for her on off it suggests 2 things to me, either she's taking on air and get wind pain? Or she's emptying breast which is more likely when she's older I think

I try to pick out somewhere more discreet when out and about & tie a Muslin cloth to my bra strap, I carefully choose a top to facilitate it too as I don't own any nursing tops.

It's just practice and learning about your baby.

I attend a local BF support group weekly which I have found to be a valuable service, its attended by BF councillors and Health Visitors and all the Mums help each other :-) X


Hey. I had exactly the same thing. I was terrified of feeding in public. And my LO is on and off like a yo-yo!

I ended up contacting local BF counsellor. Turned out she had shallow latch due a posterior tongue tie. Plus my milk comes very fast so she was totally overwhelmed with milk. Gave lots of advice on technique etc very good.

Also I went out with mum or sis the first few times. Go out late afternoon find a quiet corner of a cafe and you'll be fine. I promise it gets easier. In fact yesterday i fed her in the middle of cafe. I used muslin to be discreet but my attitude has totally changed as ultimately if my daughter needs food them I'm gonna feed her wherever I am :-)and its against the law for anyone to stop you. Its amazing... in a couple of weeks you won't be so conscious of it

Also places like john lewis has BF rooms which are really nice and then you don't need to worry :')


Thanks guys!! I'm now expressing only because of all the troubles with her latching on my nipples were horrendous and she just wasn't getting enough at all but she's taken to the bottle really well and started to put weight on again! Yay! xx


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