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Not sure on dates

Hi everyone, hope you are all well.

I had a miscarriage at 12 wks in november and since then i have been taking seven seas 'trying to conceive' supplements and have been using a fertility app to chart temperature etc.

According to the app i had a 34 day cycle and ovulated cd21 after miscarriage. This cycle it says i ovulated on cd11 and will have a 25 day cycle that should end today.

Ive not had period today so im now wondering if i am late and should take a test, or should i wait to nearer 30 days which is my average cycle length....?

Can anyone shed any light on whether it is possible ive had a shorter cycle and if pregnancy is a possiblity please.

Best wishes xx

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Hey, I am very sorry to hear of your loss. I understand your'll be anxious about taking a test so soon after. Personally I would wait a few more days, maybe until Sat if your working so whichever it may be your at home?

I had a MC Sept 7th 2012 and conceived my little man early Dec 2012 and delivered Sept 14th 2013. I don't recall now how my periods were at 1st but after a few months I was 'ok' with the idea of getting pregnant but terrified about another loss.

We in fact had gone on holiday for my birthday but little did I know I had already conceived, after 2-3 days of period no show and not opting to buy a test we decided I probably was and no longer took advantage of the all inclusive bar! It was a week later before I tested & was the minute we got home about 1am, I couldn't wait until morning :-)

I hope my story helped you see the positive but I would definitely hold off a few days as your periods probably a little unsettled at the moment. X


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