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12 days late and only just got a positive pregnancy text

Hi all 3 days ago I took a pregnancy test and it was negative but took one late last night and on this morning and there was a very faint line on it I am one the contrastive pill but have had regular period since been on it so was panicking that I am I pregnant Iv still been taking my pill but don't know if I should just incase I am actually pregnant me and my boyfriend wasn't planning on having another baby until I was back into working full time and had a stable job so this is a really big shock can anyone give me advice I'm not able to get an appointment at doctors for another two days as there only open for emergencys

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I was taking my pill for 3 weeks as I didn't know. .maybe do a clear blue as it will say how far home u r but as u hav a positiv I wud say u def r.

I dont kno if its same in ur area but the drs appointment for pregnancy was pointless. .I told her she was pregnant. .she did blood pressure and gave me paperwork tht I cud of frm reception..nxt time I will just go to midwife.

Only u a d ur bf can make decision as only u kno if u will b happy having another so soon..hav u spoke to him? X


Yeah he know we will be keeping the baby if I am as I don't believe in abortions this will be my second child but I don't even feel like I did with my first he's not happy about it I don't think I am abit really shocked at same time If I am I I will be about 6 weeks gone now just really don't know what to do :/


I'd do a clear blue digital test-pregnant vs not pregnant-no dodgy lines to decipher!! Or pop a sample if first morning wee in to surgery but they tend to do clear blue tests anyway n think they'll charge anyway. Good luck!!


Since all pregnancy test both expensive and cheap look for the same hormone the brand of test you use is pretty irrelevant. I suggest doing another test in the next 24-48 hours. Use the first wee of the morning to test as this will contain the highest concentration of Hcg that the test looks for.

A negative result is not always correct but a positive will always be correct unless you're on drugs that produce Hcg in your bloodstream (IVF drugs normally) Taking the pill (either kind, single or double hormone type) won't have any effect on the result.

Since the level of Hcg double and doubles again till it peaks testing each morning will give the same result just with a stronger indicator each time. I didn't use the expensive test kits, I bought a couple of £1 double packs from our local wilkinsons and found out with them.

A word of caution, make sure you read the result within ten minutes of doing the test, after this the result is unreliable, even if its negative. Good luck and I hope this has helped :)


I am not saying dont use a cheap test..I used a clear blue because I was unsure of how far I was and I kno they help u out with that. Thts the reason I said use clear blue not because I think cheap tests r rubbish..

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Hey. I agree with a couple of the other ladies in that taking a test such as the clear blue digital one gives you a clearer result to read, this may help in your case where the tests you have done so far are unclear. When I did mine, I used two cheap ones and although the lines appeared it was so faint I couldn't decipher the result for sure. To find out asap would be better as you are still taking the pill, though I wouldn't worry too much about it. Many people who don't know they are pregnant carry on with the pill and things like drinking and smoking, etc without much problem so babies are resilient. If you do stop the pill....try not to have unprotected sexy time in case you aren't pregnant and don't particularly want to be ;-) really must be a shock! Hope it all goes ok for you x


This is similar to what I experienced and is what led me to this forum last March!

I wasn't on the pill but did take a cheapish test early one morning which showed just one line. Disappointed I put it to one side. A few hours later in proper daylight (not artificial light) I glanced at it and saw a second feint line. A number of people on this forum at the time said it could have been an evaporation line (It's not very reliable if you look at the test after the guideline 10 mins as it can show a false positive)

and to do another test in a couple of days. I did do but with a clear blue digital and hey presto, I was pregnant!

The cheap tests which have lines are good but some times, like in my case, the second line is bearly visible but the clear blue actually tells you if you are 'pregnant' or 'not pregnant'. If you are pregnant it gives you an indication of how many weeks.

Like everyone says, do it on first pee of the day! Hope you get the result you truly want xx


I done a cheap asda one and my 2nd line showed up really clear, then done a clearblue to be sure and it was practically screaming pregnant at me as soon as i done it :) so i can say both tests can work, its just the hormone its looking for. xx


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