Finally here!!!

Finally here!!!

Well after being 10 days late, Louie James finally made an appearance on 5/1/14, weighing in at 6lb 13oz. I ended up being induced on 3rd, after 2 lots of jollop nothing was moving and I was still 1cm and I'd been in hospital for nearly 48hrs, I was in a lot of pain but not dialating. They had to give me has and air just to examine me!!!! I then had pethadine just so I could rest, eventually the next morning they gave me some more jollop and my epidural, absolute godsend as I then was not in pain. After 6 hours I did dilate to 8cm and the doctor then panicked as his heart rate was dropping. Before I knew it I was ushed into theater and they delivered him via vontuse.

We ended up spending a week in hospital as Louie lost 8oz in weight over 2 days and they said he had low sodium and they couldn't work out why???

I tried my hardest to BF with him but he was just not taking enough milk as I couldn't position him properly as his little head was so sore from delivery. So eventually we went into formula which helped put the weight back on him. Eventually managed to get home and just had to take him back twice for further tests which have thankfully now come back all ok. Louie is now 2 weeks old and feeding at a rate of knots and now weighs just over 7lb!!! I'm a very pround mummy Xxx


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11 Replies

  • Congratulations! He's absolutely gorgeous!

  • Beautiful pic!! So glad he's all ok and feeding well. Well done and congratulations! x

  • Ahh congratulations. ..beautiful boy. Glad all is well now xx

  • He's beautiful!! Congratulations and well done Mummy!xx

  • What a handsome little man! Congratulations and well done x

    Enjoy xx

  • Awwrrrh! He gorgeous

    Congratulations these babies do like to worry us at times don't they

    Enjoy motherhood


  • Congratulations he's gorgeous! X

  • What a beautiful little boy! Congratulations! Glad to hear all is well now X

  • awwwwh so cute,congratulations my dear. what a blessing and welcome to the world cutie!! :-) xx

  • Or gorgeous worth the wait I bet :)

  • Congratulations. Fantastic name we called our third Louis he was born 7 months ago now. Well done on the birth :-)

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