How early did people experience pregnancy symptoms?

Me and my boyfriend are trying for a baby. I was ovulating last week and within a matter of days I feel bloated, tired and keep getting a recurring cramp like pain in my left side.

I also felt nauseous on and off but that seems to have passed. I am aware that these could be signs of early pregnancy but do not want to get my hopes up as my period is not due for another week. Has anyone else experienced symptoms early on?


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  • I was 3 weeks (I didn't know at the time I was pregnant) when I was sick but it was new yrs day 2013 and I had been drinking so I assumed thts what it was..wasnt until few weeks later when my period didn't come then I realised. I didn't get any more symptoms till 9 weeks and they stayed with me for the rest of my pregnancy. Some women including many on here got no symptoms others ur period isnt due for a week I wud wait till ur actually late as if do a test now b too early to tell. I kno its a bit of time to wait but hopefully will be the news u want xx

  • I have just found out i am pregnant with my second child. I am experiencing all of the same symptoms as you mentioned including pain in left side. i am around 3 weeks pregnant. My first pregnancy was the same with early symptoms. I advise you to take a test, if it comes back negative first time then try again a few days later. Fingers crossed for you both.

  • I found out with a missed period and a test I was pregnant at 4/5 weeks, but was experiencing symptoms such as dizziness and sore breasts for a few weeks before the test was much so that I was signed off of work as the doctor thought I had an inner ear problem with the dizziness. So with the dates I was given, that would mean I was a few days pregnant when I began to get the symptoms x

  • Its definitely possible to get early pregnancy symptoms yes but as you mentioned you don't wanna get your hopes up too early.

    I'd say wait until the middle of the week sometime & take a pregnancy test.

    All the best


  • Try some tests towards your period date. I just did that they came up negative to start off, but then a few days later I got a second faint line. Spoke to surgery and got a urine sample done. And it was positive!!! Fingers crossed! xx

  • I waited to do my test until the day my period was due although I had already been having some stomach cramps before then so I also did suspect. If you do decide to take a test early, they aren't as reliable so like the girls say, test again when you're due on. Fingers crossed for you!!x

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