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Bump too high and hard.... WORRIED! :((

Hi ladies

Im 32+5 weeks today and Im really worried because my bump is quite high (it starts immediatly after my boobs) and it always feels very hard specially on the top bit. This morning even my partner told me that. Now Im really worried!!!

I am having a tour at the local hospital maternity ward so maybe I should just see if they will check me out?!

Anyone has any idea if its normal???


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Hi, bumps can be all over the place! The hard bit will probably be either the baby's bum or head! So long as you are feeling regular movements and are feeling well in yourself, then I'm sure all is fine! But if you are in any way concerned, just mention it at your hospital tour for peace of mind x

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Thank you rachgibson. Hope you're right. Just its my first one and I get concern if Im missing out something...if all is ok. I guess I will finish tour and ask them to check me out. X


It's so scary when it's your 1st!! My bump was incredibly low! When I was sat down the whole bump would rest on my thighs!!! X


Mine is like that because my baby is breech it could be that

I've always had a high bump ever since I got pregnant


Thank you lilli0881!

I hope all is well. Midwife saw me at 32 weeks and said baby was head down but back to back. And she also asked wat am I having. I said I was told at 20 weeks scan a girl and she said "I dont know. It should feels hard. Normally girls feel tender." She was touching the high bit of my bump.... :( I dont mind if its a boy or a girl as long as all is well. What does she mean by "normally its tender?!" :( x


I concur. Bumps are an odd thing. They are all sorts of shapes and sizes, high and low, hard and soft, numb and well, not numb. It's hard to know what is right for your own bump at times. As rach says, if you feel well and your lovely bubba is giving you plenty of wiggles, then it will probably be nothing to worry about. No harm in seeing if you can be checked though to ease your mind :-) xx


Thank you hun. I will try to get them to check me out. :(


My baby was breech till around 34 weeks and my bump was exactly the same very hard at the top and very high, it made me sooo breathless. Then one day she just turned around, even at 39 weeks I seem to be carrying very high, and the top of my belly can go really hard when she shifts her bum out. But the mw said all is fine. But like what has been said if u are worried just mention it on the tour. It won't take a mw two minutes to have a feel and give u their opinion x


Good morning Alex1tuck...

Thank you so much for your reply.

I went for my tour. The hospital facilities are very nice indeed. All the natural birth rooms just seem like a normal bedroom. A low double bed and a birthing pool in some of them. The other rooms are also very spacious and have a modern hospital bed...

It all felt kind of surreal. To actually see it all. At the same time it didnt look like a hospital.

I didnt ask a midwive about my bump. I feel ok so hopefully everything is well. I will see a midwife a week from tomorrow.


I carried both of mine very high, and always very hard. I had a lot of Braxton hicks both times and blame this for the hardness. If you're lucky it might mean that your stomach muscles are strong, which will help afterwards. Hope you get some reassurance from the pros and that all goes well.


Thnks for your reply cowgirl7.

I might sound silly but sometimes I just feel scared that I might not know what Im feeling. What Im suppose to be feeling. Does it make sense?

Like the Braxton hicks. I dont know if Ive felt them already or not. This past week what I have felt differently is pressure on my pelvis. Its like when you ride a bike for some time then you get up and it feels sore and uncomfortable to walk. Thats how I felt from start of the week although it has gone better.

Apart from that nothing really.



Braxton hicks feel like a steady increase in pressure across your bump that can last upto a minute then fades. They are irregular an not painful at all but they can make your bump feel INCREDIBLY hard, especially if you're baby's head up. They are simple practice contractions for birth, a way of getting the muscles ready for the hard job of labour.

They feel completely different to real contractions which are generally lower, can be painful (especially if you're unsure what's happening!) and are sometimes accompanied by a tugging sensation in your pelvis. Braxton hicks are a good way to get practice in for the actual labour, my suggestion is this - when you feel the tightening start take long slow deep breaths, in through the nose and out the mouth. Keep them steady and regular. Be aware that each breath out will make the pressure feel slightly more, this is perfectly normal. Carry this breathing on till the pressure decreases again. The more you can practice this the easier you'll find your labour. Hope this has helped ease your worries a bit and good luck with your first :D (I'm on number 4 :P )


Mine was high and his bum was right up by my ribs..very uncomfortable at times but nothing wrong. bump didn't drop either so dnt worry if it doesn't drop. X


My bump was also very high and hard that was my lil mans bum :) it could also be a lil painful when he pushed it out lol it's pretty normal some are high some are low and some are just all over the place :) xx


Also he never dropped like I thought he would he stayed right up high until the day he was born xx


Oh really Charlotte?

Its weird cause this week as well I started feeling pressure on my pelvis ... so its as if baby has dropped but at the same time its quite high... if it makes sense.

So if baby doesnt drop its still normal? X


Perfectly normal. .there r lots of things that can happen in pregnancy tht some women go through.. I.e some women's waters break. .mine didn't till 5 mins b4 birth. Unfortunately nothing is normal in pregnancy everyone has their own unique experience however good or bad xx


Yeah I had really bad pelvic girdle pain towards the end and the only way I can describe it is like I had been kicked really hard in my nunni and bum lol and in general just a lot of pressure down below :) wasn't nice but he stayed high even though I was told by mw that he would drop he didn't, lil bugger xx


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