Pain in the neck

Literally...I've have a pain in the neck for the last few days. I thought that I must have slept a bit oddly but I think it's from when I'm feeding the boss. She is formula fed and I favour her head on my right arm and it's the right side of my neck that is sore. I guess it's due to my head being tilted to watch her. Painkillers aren't touching it and I can't really put on any deep heat (other brands available) as it is also my right shoulder that I favour when cuddling and winding her. Guess I'll just have to ride it out.

I can't wait till she is sleeping through the night as I'm turning into a snacker during these night feeds! Padlock required for the fridge and cupboards I think........oink

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Yh I'm all right sided with James and at the beginning definitely got a stiff neck and shoulders lol. And I've become an all round snacker usually in lieu of actual means as little man likes mummy to pay him attention during my dinner time lol. I fit into none of my pre pregnancy clothes!! Exercise is needed post haste!! x


Just a note, child physio recommended to alternate the side you feed on, just to help prevent bubs getting strained neck x

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I do alternate but still have her more on the right. Awwww I never thought of this, she doesn't seem to be in any discomfort but I'll definitely switch sides more often x


Never considered this as no matter what side he's on, as he's bottle fed he's mainly looking up and if he turns to look at me a lot, I just kind of turn him slightly onto that side so he's all evened out :-) x


Yea, I breastfed but was still conscious of this advice. My little boy slept with his head looking over his right shoulder, so during the day we used to put the interesting toys to his left to make sure he spent time looking that way :-)


Lol that's a good plan :-)


I had this!!! I was at home alone as hubby was working away for 5 weeks and it got worse as I was doing everything myself.

One night the pain was so bad I couldn't even lift him out of the Moses basket and I was in floods of tears - pain and pure frustration.

I went to docs and he diagnosed extreme tendinitis of my shoulder and gave me a brilliant combination of 2 or 3 pain killers and gel. It got better after about a week.

I don't seem to get that ache anymore since LO is bigger and doesn't put as much pressure on my arm when I feed or wind etc...

If it gets really bad go to Drs xxx


I've had a similar problem recently - the pain was so bad I went to the doctor. I didn't realise I was holding my head to one side until she asked if I could straighten my neck. She gave me paracetamol and ibuprofen gel on prescription (nnothing stronger as I am breastfeeding). Fortunately the pain eased after a few days but was pretty severe. The doctor also recommended doing exercises to improve core strength as a preventative measure.


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