Getting excited!!!

So I am 37 weeks today and it is starting to really sink in that little one could arrive any time now. So far there are no signs he is coming imminently, he has moved a lot lower but isn't yet engaged, my pelvis has been making very loud clicking noises which I have been assured is a sign it is starting to move apart and get ready. Bring on the curries, raspberry tea and ball bouncing :D


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  • Fingers crossed that he comes soon, and safely. Sounds like a good excuse for a takeaway curry to me ;-) X

  • You are on the home stretch! Exciting and quite often testing times!! I second Apple-Tea about the takeaway curry idea. I may get one, purely in support of all you preggers folks nearing d day and not at all for my own enjoyment of course ;-) x

  • I might do the same...purely for support, you understand! X

  • And I'm going to support you all my getting pizza!!

  • Ha thanks for all the take-away support girlies :D I did get a curry last night, and enjoyed it immensly! Thanks Fattyboom, it is getting quite hard now, I'm measuring very big (baby over 8 pounds already according to bump size), have had cramping for nearly 3 weeks and am lucky if I get a few hours sleep each night so would really like my little man to get a move on now!! :)

  • Lol o think there was many a takeaway had last night lol. Take the bump measurements with a pinch of salt..they told me over 9lb and he was 7lb13 lol. Hope he gets a move on for u and u can meet him soon..another little boy for the gang xx

  • Thank you, that's reassuring! I am certainly hoping he won't be quite that big! :) x

  • Not long to go for us both now I'm 37weeks and 2days due the 7th Feb and if my memory serves me correctly your due the 8th Feb? :-)

  • Yep that's the one :) How are you doing? Any signs little one is on the way? I have had cramping for about 3 weeks but really irregular. He's definately moved lower but other than that no signs he is on the way just yet xx

  • I'm doing really good got a really bad hip from my spd but other than that it the Same here baby's moved lower but I was told by the midwife today that he's not engaged but as it's my second baby she said it can take longer for him to do so. I've also been told he's going to be big as he was estimated at being around 8lbs 8 oz last Tuesday at the growth scan I had. I've had cramping here and there but they were more Braxton hicks than actual labour pains so I don't think he's going to be here to soon :-)

  • Sorry to hear your hip has been bad :( Gosh sounds like a big boy! I haven't had a growth scan but based on the bump measurement it looks like he could be about 8lb now too, we will have to compare when they arrive :) This is my first so I'm not really sure what to expect with the labour pains. Keep in touch :) xx

  • A growth scan is only done if they are worried about the baby's size and as my first son was 10lbs 9oz and I lost 2 pints of blood I was referred by my midwife as she was concerned about the size he would be. It sounds like the cramping you've bee having are Braxton hicks they are the same as Labour but they get more intense and come at regularly intervals I remember being told by my hospital not to go in until they were 5 minutes apart but I think the advice is different for each hospital. If your ever unsure just ring your Labour ward as they can usually tell if your in Labour by how much pain your in your in whilst on the phone. I had to be induced with my first though as he was just too comfortable and was 2 weeks over due. Hope this helps :-)

  • Hi hun how did you get on? My little boy arrived 2 day over due on the 9th feb. My labour started at 1pm on your due date andwas very confusing to the staff as I was getting contractions that came 5 minutes apart but lasted 48 seconds long when i was up walking around but when i sat down the were further apart and lasting longer and when the midwife examined me my cervix was changing but baby wasnt ready he wasnt even fully engaged so his head wasnt pushing on the cervix for it to change so I was kept in over night and the contractions got stronger but stay irregular. By thime I was checked sunday morning I had dialated to 8 cm so they broke my waters and he arrived not long after weighing 10lbs 7 and 1/2 ozs :-)

  • Hi hun. My birth story wasn't brilliant! He eventually came 13 days late on the 21st. I had a sweep on the 18th, triggered contractions on the 19th, like you they started to peeter off, morning of 20th waters broke then again contractions peetered off, by 8pm that night was 8cm dilated but by 3am he hadn't arrived so was sent down to labour ward to be induced, turned out he was stuck so ended up having a c section. Did you have a boy or girl? How are you getting on? X

  • Sorry just read you had a boy, me too. What is his name? X

  • Hes called caleb daniel ellis and after a shaky start where we were re admitted back to the postnatal ward because he lost 13% of his body weight taking him down to 9lbs 02 ozs. They thought he was failing to thrive but it was due to my lack of breast milk he was not getting enough to gain the weighthe was meant to be. but we are both doing fine now, hes gaining weight gradually but I now have to bottle feed as well as breastfeed to help with the weight gain I had him weighed yesterday and hes now 11lbs 06 ozs :-)

  • Lovely name. Sounds like he must have been a big boy when born! Glad to hear he is doing well now :) Matthew is being weighed this afternoon but I expect he will weigh nearly 11lb, he was 8lb 8.5 when born but lost very little weight. Main problem we are having atm is that he is quite colicky

  • try colief for colic, my saviour x

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