My birth story (a little late)

I thought I'd share my story with everyone I know it's late as my little boy is nearly 11weeks but better late than never.

In my pregnancy I suffered really bad with my iron levels that they were planning as soon as I went into labor to have a canaular in me so they could easily give blood if needed.

My little man was due on the 6th if November but on the 4th I woke up about 4am with back ache as I had never had backache through pregnancy I presumed this was normal and tried to get back sleep I tossed and turned as it was just uncomfortable. About 7ish I was having period like pains and thought labor was beginning but that it would be really slow.. Being 17 I didn't know what to except.. My partner didn't live with me so I notified him and told him not to rush over but I'd text when I wanted him to leave... My mum didn't believe I was in labor and about 9ish told me to have a bath telling me it would ease them, she was presuming it was Braxton hicks as I'd never had them.. Well whilst in the bath they sped up dramatically up untill now they weren't regular I could have 1 every 5minutes and then go half hour without any and then have 3 straight after each other.. I got out the bath and told my partner to leave (he lives 8miles away and cycles to mine) during this time I was having bad contractions and at 10:10 my waters broke and my mum called for an ambulance.. At 10:20 my partner arrived and wasn't too sure what was going on as I was layed in my bed with nothing on but a top.. At 10:25 the paramedics arrived examined me and told me he wasn't on his way yet and they were taking me to the hospital.. Whilst they weren't looking I had a contraction and pushed and half way through they turned round and my lil boy was half way out... In one push I managed to deliver my lil boy at 10:29 with no pain relief.. So much for time to get to the hosp..

Owen was left on top if me for an hour still attached to his cord untill the midwives arrived they said his temp was a little low however I believe this to be cause every door in the house was open.. They said I needed stitches and said if his temp was low they were gonna take us hosp if bit they would stitch me at home.. It was no surprise Owen was still cold so we went to hospital after an hour and half if stitches (he ripped me to pieces!) he weighed 6lb 14.5oz

we spent the day enjoying are lil boy at 9my partner left due to t visiting hours.. At half 11 somebody came in to take some obs for Owen she checked his temp which was now normal and said his breathing was a lil fast and said she was taking him down the corridor to see the paediatrician she returned 10mins later saying they were taking him for tests because they suspect he has an infection.. They told me to rest and they would bring him back to me.. I managed to nod if and at 3 I went to require about Owen they said he was in xray and that the tests were taking so long because his nhs number was wrong.. At half 5 a midwife came in and told me he was in the neonatal unit and had a Canular in to be treated for an infection. We spent all day tues with him.. Early hours Wednesday morning I took a funny turn I was freezing and couldn't get warm I couldn't even move I had to ring for assistance they came in took my temp gave me some blankets and then came back in an hour where I was boiling and sweating they took my Temp and it was sky high they swabbed me and said I had an infection which I was out in antibiotic for.. Wednesday Owen was allowed back onto the ward but had to go back at 2am and 2pm for antibiotics... I took Owen for his antibiotics at 2am were they did a heel prick test and said to send him back up in an hour during this time I took a funny turn again where they found out antibiotics weren't working so I had a canular fitted.. On Thursday we took Owen down for antibiotics but they said there was no infection so they were taking the canular out however they then decided they needed to wait for another result so they tried reinserting it 12tines in different places after them times I demanded they stopped got the results back first and if he needed the antibiotics again then they would try then.. The results were negative we stayed in Friday and was allowed home satday after a very long week!

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Wow what an experience. Hope u and ur little family are doing well and u have recovered. .stitches are not the nicest experience. Least all is well now. Xx


Congratulations! Crazy experience. The baby/mother infections I can sympathise with. Really not nice seeing your new baby tested on and such. Glad it's all ok now :-) x


Congratulations on the arrival of your little boy :-) Sounds like a pretty hectic birth, but great to hear you're all ok! X


Congratulations! Well that's a story to tell him when he's older! Well done and welcome to the world Owen! Xx


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