34 + 2 and exhausted!!! Plus itchy tummy button which is reallllly sore!

Help I am 34 plus 2 days and I am literally struggling to do the simplest of tasks....the thought of going anywhere outside the home fills me with such dread and I feel tired all the time. I know this all sounds so normal and not a big issue but I'm struggling to see how I'm going to get everything done, like washing all the baby clothes and doing the last minute cleaning! My hubby has been a massive help but has recently had to pick up hours as he's self employed. I'd ask family to help but they work and also I struggle to ask others when I need help. Also my tummy button has been sore and dry, which resulted in me picking at it and now it's very sore and there anything I can use the ease the soreness and itching?? Dietary wise are there any foods or drinks I can have that would give me a natural boost of energy? Thanks guys! Xx

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The last bit is tough and I must admit I found I struggled. It was tiring doing the clothes but when I started it was nice looking at them and imagining my son in them. I did what I could cleaning wise but my oh was great there and did alot.

I kno its hard asking for help but trust me when baby is here u might just want time to catch some sleep and I bet u wud hav people queuing up to giv ur baby cuddles while you sleep or whatever and u will b grateful for the help..I frequently leave my son whos 18 weeks with my mil while I get stuff .shopping. .it benefits me and her.

I would say eat healthy but I dont think any amount of fruit and veg cud help with this last bit...Some people may disagree but drink lots of water. Hav u got any e45 for ur skin x


No mother can deny the last few weeks of pregnancy are really hard to deal with & its easier to feel the need to relax more but I know it's easier said than done but if you could manage to do a few bits of washing or house work a day you'll feel much better for it to know its done.

Im a mother to 2 children ( my youngest being 3 mths old) Im knackered most of the time but somehow I find some strength to just try & do the simplist of chores around the house as I wouldn't be able to sleep soundly if its not done.

My advice is to you is ensure you are staying well hydrated & you could maybe also buy some pregnancy formulated multivitamins from your local supermarket which will honestly help with your energy levels too.



Low energy could be linked to low iron, so maybe try eating more red meat, a nice steak or some lamb, green veg such as spinach and broccoli and drink orange juice with the meal as the vitamin C helps your body absorb the iron.

The last few weeks are tough, but you must learn to ask for help. As Ceribean says you will need help when the baby is first born. A group of ladies from my church offered to make me meals for two weeks after my husband went back to work, I felt awkward saying yes, but it was fabulous not having to think about what to make and knowing that I would have at least one visitor each day to drop off my meals on wheels! I could focus on feeding and cuddling my baby, getting to know her and meeting her needs.

As for your belly button, can you ask your midwife for advice, maybe the doctor can give you a prescription then you get it free.


Wish I knew of some extra boost foods, I'd be chowing down like crazy. Am 34+4 now and in pretty much the same boat. So much so that I've cheated and taken a sickie today to give myself the time to clean the kitchen, have a bath and generally disappear in a fog of shattered!

Have you had your iron levels checked too? I've been on double doses now for most of my pregnancy and its made me just tired rather than exhausted. I use coconut oil on my belly button, it hasn't popped yet but it gets really itchy and flaky if i don't moisturise it. I've also used a bit of olive oil and caster sugar to gently scrub the flaky skin off when its gotten really bad. I don't know if that's OK to do, but it worked for me. If it doesn't heal I'd mention it to the midwife/Dr too.

I'm also trying to take my mum's advice and cut myself some slack. A bit of dust isn't going to hurt bubba but exhausting myself trying to be the 'perfect' pregnant lady/mum could.

Hope you feel a little better soon xx


i now how you feel, i am 38+3, had sweep done on Wednesday because the pain is unbearable even though i was on codeine 3x and its not helping much, but now she has moved even lover and i have sciatica which is unbearable, i also have really bad cold, contractions start then stop during the night. with food, try beetroot juice and red meat, spinach. look online for some energy giving meals and drinks, with vitamins it takes couple of months to absorb and besides i don't believe in taking them if you eat everything.( that does include chocolate- small amount).

for now forget house chores, do minimum and sleep or just rest as much as possible if you can, you still got a while to go, and once this baby arrives you'll need all your energy. i have same thing with none to help, my mum is in hospital with stroke since November, dad is working and is looking after my little sister (9),

so just hang in there, oh and another advice, don't count days, or weeks till you have your baby, the time seems to go much slower that way:)))


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