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Has anyone used a bath support/chair?

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Just wondering what everyone uses when their babbies outgrow their baby bath, and if there are recommendations.

My Joshua is 3 months old and rather long - he's starting to bash his feet on the end of the baby bath - so I'm going to move on to the 'big bath'. He's not sitting unsupported so I'm thinking I'll need some sort of support for him in the bath as it's pretty back-breaking work supporting him whilst leaning over the edge.

Any recommendations?

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Hey. I didn't bother with a baby bath but didn't fancy holding his head up and only having one free hand. I bought one of those fabric bath supports from mothercare for a tenner and it really does the job :-) x

I was wondering about this too as he as very much outgrown the bath at 18wks but we're managing. I was thinking about the inbetweenie stage as i too find it hard on back leaning over the bath and don't want to rush bathtime.

Does anyone or will anyone be using a swivel seat when they can sit up? X

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Swivel seat? What's that?

When James is sitting, I'm gona get this bath mat that on one side has a little support seat thing and the other side is enough room for when he doesn't need to be supported......so where he will sit when his brother/sister needs to be in the supporty bit. Thinking ahead ;-) xx

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I think there is basically a seat that swivels rather then being static but I might be wrong, not looked in a while for these kind of things, Xmas shopping took over! X


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Ah that thing is well cute x

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There's a few colours. Is that what your looking at? X

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Yeh I will.. my cousin has one for her daughter that I will hav. X

We didn't bother with a baby bath either. .either my oh bathes him in big bath or I just let him lay in bath on his own with little water. My friend had what fattyboom had and said was great. .look on amazon lots of gd deals on there now x

I guess it all depends on what u prefer to use but i used a baby bath for my 1st child up until he was about 8 months old & I plan to do the same with my Lil one ( now 3 months old)

What is this swivel seat then it sounds rather interesting.


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Abenaa see my amazon link above, I think the pink one is cheaper.

How big is your bath? Archie just wants to lift head forward all the time when am bathing now, he wants to sit up but we all know its too early! X

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The baby bath isn't very big I'd describe it as a medium size bath tub which I have space enough to give LO a good scrub LOL!

O.k I'll see this link now


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Oooh yes :)

I do like things like this (swivel seat)

I would obviously have'to wait for a bit as my LO isn't quite ready for that but there's no harm in buying now & use later.

Thanks chick! :)

I only used the baby bath twice but I bought one of the summer fabric bath supports when pregnant so we used this until about 4 months when she started trying to sit up, I got one of the swivel seats from Kiddicare but the only thing I don't like Is that the suckers don't stick to the bath well enough so the seat moves about!


I have something similar to this means you can have both hands free!

Thanks for all the replies. I'll take a look at what's around - definitely will have to find something bigger for him to bath in soon though as he seems to be taking after his grandad in height :-)

Hi there... we have used a bath support chair from the first time we bathed our baba. She absolutely loves it and it is a lot easier for us to bath her. I would definitely recommend getting one. x

for my first one i used daddy to bathe him :)from 4 months as he was sitting. but i will be getting something just dont know what yet

argos.co.uk/m/static/Produc.... This is the one I use and I can say It is very good

Asda does a baby bath seat you place it in baby tub its Brill I went through holding once it's very hard

Hi when my daughter outgrew the bath she was still very skinny if that’s how u put it. We tried the bath seat but she kept slipping so fit a month I think we took in turns having s bath with her till she was able to sit up.

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