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So so so so SO FED UP!!!!

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Rant alert guys!

Im 39 weeks today, suppose to be due on monday (excited/nervous) and tbh i just wanna see my baby already! But the past few weeks have been stressful.

My last appointment with the midwife, she said i was going to havd a sweep yesterday, which i thought was too early anyway but i went alon with it. After waiting 45 mins after my appointment time, she finally calls me in. I was ready and prepared for the sweep, only to be told i wasnt havin one until monday! She said she got my dates mixed up! Well i wasnt happy as she then proceeded to check me and stuff and said my iron levels are still low.

So i had to go and see the consultant today to see what action needs to be taken. After waitin (yet again) for 1 hour after my appointment time, the consultant said he advices me to have a blood transfusion as they are worried about my iron and weather ill have enough energy to give birth. I agreed and said thats fine id rather give birth safley.

Everyone keeps calling or txting me to see how im doing and everything and although i appreciate it, im slowly getting annoyed at all the questions! Im so fed up, i could pop any minute and it seems like no one can give me straight answers, or womethins always wrong. I feel like a house, im constantly tired, every ache and pain im wondering is it labour. Im jus fed up now. Wanna meet my angel :( the other half bless him has been very patent with me and supporting me all the way trying to calm me down. I just cant wait to go in labour believe it or not!

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I know exactly how you feel! I'm due on Friday, in lots of pain with SPD. The midwife won't even consider giving me a stretch and sweep until I'm past 41 weeks. It's so uncomfortable, I'm stuck at home with the walls closing in, not sleeping well, so yes I totally understand - want to tell the baby to just get on with it!

And yes, the calls, the texts, "any news?" I know they're just being supportive and interested, but it does start to grate.

Just hang in there. It really isn't long now (although it feels like it). Hope you get your iron levels and everything sorted. It's just more stress and worry you don't need at the moment!

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At least someone understands!

I know how you feel, the joys of pregnancy ay!

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You're not alone, honey!

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Has she given you a reason for not doing a sweep until 41 weeks? My sister was so fed up she kept phoning the midwife and crying down the phone until she agreed to do a sweep.

After Friday you could try alternative therapies, such as aromatherapy massage, acupressure and reflexology - sometimes they help induce labour. Good luck.

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She just said SPD isn't a valid reason for a sweep. She doesn't seem to realise just how debilitating it is, although I did explain - there was very little sympathy. She also said they wouldn't consider induction until 41+5. It seems to vary a lot depending on who you see.

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How ridiculous! Can you ask to see a different midwife or phone the DAU at the hospital and get someone there to do it? My sister was only 40+4 when her little one was born and she definitely had a sweep. She had been told late on that she had gestational diabetes and was having to do a finger prick blood test every few hours.

My cousin definitely had a sweep just after 40 weeks too and she had problems with her hips. I think you just have to be very assertive and insist she does it, remind her the NHS is all about choice these days and if you choose to have a sweep she should be helpful in providing it or sending you to someone who will. If you keep on at them they will do as you ask. Good luck.

Awwrrh! Hun

I remember feeling so so fed up at the end but then I thankfully went into labour at 39+4 wks so anything can happen :)

I must say a blood transfusion sounds very extreme for your midwife or HV to be arranging isn't it

Have you considered taking some pregnancy friendly multivitamin supplements all major supermarkets sell them these days & they may just could help to raise your iron levels too.


I think most women get to the end and just want the baby out - I remember getting to that stage! I hate the way midwives say things which really worry you, then when it comes to it everything is fine. Remember your body was designed to give birth, you will find amazing reserves of strength when it comes to it.

Book lots of things to do, keep busy, have a pedicure or whatever you like, treat yourself, you deserve it, you won't be able to for a while after birth, you'll be too busy with baby. Hope you're feeling better. Hugs.

Midwives language etc they worry u alot and it does turn out ok mine was gestational diabetes out of control as I was diagnosed and given medication but a second doctor told me don't need it when I did so I didn't take it ' my diabetes went out of control I had to have baby early when they read risks procedures how baby cud b affected they scare u stay positive all will be well gud luck:)

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