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So fed up :(

I'm now 5 days overdue and nothing seems to be budging our little lady and I seem to be making little progress (midwife is still unable to do a sweep after a second attempt today) and I just feel completely and utterly exhausted!

Had to go into hospital to day due to high blood pressure but was sent back home when it had gone down. Just want this baby out now!!!! Sorry for the moan just need to get it off my chest where other people actually understand! :(

Hope everyone else, bumps and babies are all okay :) x

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Ahh tht sucks. .my bp was high at end I went to hospital 4 times to b monitored and like u sent home when btr and they gave me an induction date but he came a week later naturally. The last bit is hard and at the time u dont wana go through it again but I wud happily go through it again now..when u meet ur baby u will sort of forget this bit xx

My bubba was born at 41 weeks so you still have time for it happen naturally! It's such a tedious time at the end but you are nearly there :-) x

I'm overdue too and got a second sweep booked for today. I am getting despondent. My other two were born at 39 weeks.

Aw, it's horrible going overdue and all the added pressure from friends and relatives really does not help. I know it's hard to imagine but baby will be with you soon x

Poor you, probably doesn't help, but your not overdue according to French dates! In France they go by 41 weeks of pregnancy... Everyone is different and every baby is different, they know when they are ready. Have you thought about trying a nice aromatherapy massage or reflexology or acupressure - might help bring labour on and will be a nice treat when your not feeling great! Stay positive and imagine holding your lo in your arms.

I was meant to be having a homebirth but am bein readmitted to hospital now because of persistent headache and have now be told they're likely to induce me. I'm abit bummed the Homebirths gone out the window but am just so excited to know I'll be meeting my baby girl soon! :D x

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Good luck!! Look forward to seeing a birth story post and a pic of course!!! Xx

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Thank you :) x

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Hope it goes well..take care xx

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Good luck! Nearly there! Xx

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Woohoo!! Good luck! x

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Thank you! :D xx

Hi. Sorry you are being through all that :(

I was induced and it was horrible. I was fed up too, I wanted the baby out. But the main reason was due to my age.

if you can avoid it wait , if you cannot just make sure the procedure is correct.

Wish you luck!

hi, i am only 38 w but had sweep this afternoon due to severe SPD and back pain, and i am so fed up with this pregnancy, i am not doing this again, if my hubby will want to have another he can do it himself, now doctors can transplant womb, men should do this at least once to know what we go through.anyway i am contracting but not regularly, i had monitor on for couple hours doctor wanted to admit me to hospital but i want to do the waiting at home with my family rather than stuck in bed and nothing to do and food hang in there, there are many of us in same situation , possibly girls are slightly more lazy.

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My midwife won't give me a sweep, despite SPD so bad I can hardly walk. 39+4 so one way or another this baby will have to come out by the end of the month.

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i am under obstetricians care, not midwife maybe that's why they done sweep, this morning had bloody show, and now having a lot of back pain and hopping she will show up by end of this week, have to go back to hospital for blood test because they did not like yesterdays results but think it my be due to me having col and flue symptoms.

It's horrible isn't it :( they sent me home again yesterday, so fed up of going back and fourth! Being induced Monday if my bp stays down. We're nearly there now ladies hang on in there!!xx

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