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Is this all normal?

Hi ladies...

Im 32 weeks and as the D day is approaching Im getting different symtopms and questions poping into my head...

For the past couple of weeks or so I get up I would say every couple of hours to go toilet not to mention that sleeping is becoming uncomfortable. Is it true that whatever patterns Im having now, the baby will have when born? So if I wake up now every hour is it likely the baby will be waking up every hour once born?

Also been feeling a bit out of breath, constipated and my bump always feels hard on the top area (just under breasts). Is that all normal?

P.S. my last appointment with Midwive was tuesday (31 weeks) and she asked me what am I having. I said girl she said "obviously I cant tell by just touching you but it just feels harder than normal...girls feel normally tender. I wouldnt buy any pink."

Whats that suppose to mean?!

Thanks from now ladies and all the best to you and your little ones.


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I heard tht but in my case and majority of mums here def not the case. In the very early stages it is probable tht ur baby will b up every hour as their tummies r so small they need too feed little and often. ..or u cud hav a baby tht likes to sleep.

I dont believe an midwife can tell wha5 ur having just f touching your belly..when I was in hospital b4 giving birth being monitored the midwife said tht they can usually tell if girl or boy by speed of heartbeat. ..I knew was having a boy but she was sure was a girl..I ignored her as didnt want anything else to worry about but we all kno scans arent 100% I only found out am am so impatient. . I only bought little blue. X


Yh I heard this and got the whole it's a girl spiel....I never found out for certain but all through my pregnancy, I knew it was a boy! xx


Going to the loo a lot at night and being uncomfortable are totally normal. I wouldn't worry too much about the pattern, as mine has changed quite a lot during the last trimester (I used to be up every hour, now only a couple of times a night). Have you tried sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees? That really helped me. Constipation and breathlessness totally normal. You may find your breathing gets easier at the end when the baby drops.

The list of symptoms that are normal for pregnancy is quite staggering. I'm sure if my leg fell off the midwife would declare it "totally normal for pregnancy!"

As for telling the sex from feeling the bump, sounds highly dubious to me.

Good luck! And hope you feel more comfortable soon.


All sounds normal to me hun. The pattern of baby moving though doesn't mean they'll definitely be like that when they arrive.....James however is remarkably similar to his womb activity lol......I'd put that down to coincidence though!!

I'd ignore the midwife really. Everyone has an opinion on sex of the baby through feeling or how bump looks....but she doesn't have xray vision lol. Getting closer hun!! Exciting x


All sounds normal hun!! Breathing difficulty will ease when baby drops!

I'd heard about baby movement patterns indicate how they will be once born but wasn't the case for us at all so don't worry!! :)

As for the sex, what an odd thing for her to say!! I suppose there is always a chance the sonographer could have been wrong Saying it is a girl.... but hey all she did was touch your belly!! :) xx


Hiya and congratulations! Just wanted to say that I am almost 32 weeks too and you're describing all my symptoms and worries. My bump wakes up at 2, 4 and 5 am!.not fun when we have to work the next day! The hard bump under the breasts seems to move for me, I think it's my insides being squashed up by little feet and legs. It can be really uncomfortable can't it? TBH I've had enough of pregnancy now and want to meet my baby! Patience is not my strong point! Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy, try to enjoy it. :)


Thank you ladies for your feedback, shared experiences & advices.

I don't think anyone can tell what we're having just my looking or feeling our bumps. Even sonographers don't always get a good view! :)

mrschuzwazzas thank you & congratulations to you too!!! Is it your first as well?! You has it been for you so far? For me, Thank God, it has been all OK. Im Resus negative so I had to get Anti D injection but apart from that nothing else really.

Just these last couple of days I've been having other symptoms. Today I had these sharp pain all across my stomach for a little while and also really feeling pressure down pelvic... I got a bit scared at first but then... just calmed down. I'm guessing the baby has dropped down a bit more?! I am 32 weeks today. Exactly one week ago I saw a midwife for my 31 week appointment she said baby is head down but back to back. How about you: what position is your baby at the moment?!

Have you chosen a hospital? Birth plan? Pain reliefs?



Hello again, yep, first one, scared and excited all at once :-) Had a fairly tough time so far, bleeding early on which meant lots of scans, sickness still happening, got spd and seeing a physio. Really will be glad to see labour start! As I'm an older first time mum I have to go to our local big hospital but other than that I don't really have a plan. Baby is head down, facing right but not engaged yet, I keep getting BH but nothing more, I guess it's too early as I'm 32 weeks Friday, although if everything was ok I wouldn't object! What are your plans? Have you found out if you're having a boy or girl? What about your birth plan? Will your lo turn in time do you think? Are you still working? What are your plans for maternity leave? So much to think about! Eeekkk!


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