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What to give to a baby 5.5 months with blocked nose and a cough?

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My baby girl had a hard time to sleep tonight as it was hard for her to breath normally. She only slept on my hands. Should I take her to GP or just give her Calpol? She doesn't have fever.

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U can giv saline nasal spray which is made by calpol. If u can put her in the room whilst u hav a shower and will act as a steam..also b4 bed rub some vicks on the soles of her feet then put some socks on then the sleepsuit..I dont kno how this works but it does xx

Agree with Ceribean about the socks and Vicks or snufflebabe. I haven't tried this with my LO but 2 of my friends have tried this with their children and have reported that it really does work. Bizarre but certainly won't hurt then and a result if it works!!!

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I'll also vouch for the saline nose drops - I wasn't expecting much from them but they cleared her almost instantly, safe from birth too. I haven't done the Vicks on the feet but have heard that it works. I put a spoonful of Vicks in a bowl of hot water and put it under her cot, seemed to help a little.

Poor baby, hope she gets better soon it's horrible when they're poorly x

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Thank you all. Will try it and hope it will help

There's no need to visit your G.P Here, as you mentioned your daughter dosen't have a fever or anything.

many if not all the major supermarkets sell saline nasel spray for about 3 pounds, so if you get the chance today/ tonight try & get some


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Thank you. Will do.

On top of all she is also teething. Fun!

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yep same here with the teething, I hav just bought my son an amber necklace and anklet to help and seems to hav stopped him being irritated by his gums xx

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Yep def the nasal spray, Vick on the feet (and chest!) and you can also buy calpol vapour plug ins that help!

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I asked my GP what he recommended for a baby with a cold / blocked up when I was seeing him about something else and he said only use Calpol if raised temperature, but best thing is sitting baby in a room with the shower on hot so it gets really steamy. Suggested also getting some menthol crystals from a pharmacy and dissolving so they vaporise into the room.

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Thank you all for your help.

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Apart from the girls suggestions, i recommend Calpol Night Vapour Plug and refills (from 3 months) it releases soft soothing vapours from essential oils (you can find it in any big supermarket). Its working great with my little one, who is sensitive to saline spray (if used for longer, gives him nose bleeds).

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