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When to take baby out

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I would like to know your opinions i had a baby 2 weeks ago I know its too early to take her out for long walks, when did u first take baby out for shopping etc i am really getting crazy in the house my husband just went back to work. Also i know its too cold now and the house us heated its a big difference

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its not too early to take her out as long as shes super wrapped up its fine, pop her in a snow suit and blankets, b fine. we went out for a walk when my son was 10 days old. its when u feel ready too go out too. food shopping I did when he was 3 weeks and probli same with shops as I live near town so I quickly walked xx

I took my baby out for walks at about 3 weeks, not to town or shops or anything for another couple of weeks unless of course I really needed something and my boyfriend wasn't home. I didn't really want to expose him to too many people and stuff too soon but that's just me. It's only too soon if it feels too soon for you :-) wrap bubba up in the cold and they'll be all good x

With having a daughter at school my littlest has done the school run every day since he was 5 days. Go out when you feel like it. Today although it was cold was a lovely day for a walk as long as you and buba wrapped up there no need to wait and the fresh air will do you both good ::-) xx

Take her out whenever u feel like it. I took my lo out at 2 days old as needed to get her smaller clothes as everything was too big xxx

I took my little boy shopping after a week only to the shopping centre and for an hour. Didn't use public transport for a while though x

I took my baby on holiday at 2 weeks old! I've also got a 3 year old boy and keeping him inside is a recipe for chaos so we were pretty much out as soon as I was up to it. I tend to favour a sling over a pram anyway but especially during those first couple of weeks - I just felt happier keeping her warm when I was wearing her but bundled up in the pram would be fine too. I did stay away from town centres as I didn't like the thought of her breathing in pollution but I'm pretty sure there's no actual advice that you should do that.

Don't push yourself too hard if you're still recovering but enjoy getting out! X

Mine is 6 weeks and we've been on quite a few outings now! Generally they really like it and sleep the whole way. And it makes you feel so much better once you've done it and got outside!

Just make sure they are stuffed full of milk before you go as it's horrible if they start shrieking.

Had disastrous sainsbury's trip the other day when he decided he was hungry!


I took my daughter out for a walk in a huge park when she was 6 days old. I went back there every other day. I also took her into two shops when she was six days old just to buy some girly bits as I didn't know the gender. Until she had her first injections I wasn't too keen on being around several people at once

I was taking my little guy out when he was a week old. He - and I - loved it.

Aslong as you feel ok I dont see a problem with when you take baby out at all. As long as youve got an appropriate pram/car seat then you will be fine :) & baby is nice and snug.

I had a c-sect with my 1st and after 5 days stuck in hospital the day I got out I was straight to Morrisons with my partner and baby having a wonder lol xxx

Just like a few of the ladies have already said it never too early to take your newborn out as long as you've wrapped them up well enough to avoid the cold.

My Lil one was out & about by 8 days old as I also have a 5 yr old child to take to school.


We were out from 2 days. I'm not good stuck inside and have a bored toddler too. It is essential to take it slowly and not go for a huge shop or long walk. I just walked for 10 minutes to local shops and bought milk and bread. Remember that your pushchair will be quite heavy, so you'll need to be able to sit down and rest when you get back, so ensure you'll be in a position to do so.

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