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Hi all I hope the new year is going well for mothers and babies and bumps. My little one is now 2 months old had is first sets of imms yesterday. But I am having trouble getting him to settle at nights. I have 3 other kids and it was easy for them but RJ seems to have a mind of his own. I go back to uni on the 3 if Feb so would love any suggestions to get him sleeping at nights.

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If you are breast feeding you could try to encourage cluster feeding or give a bottle of formula. I have found routine critical with my second where it wasn't so important with the first. A bath seems to help. Did have the same problem with both that sleeping when something is going on was difficult, so I have to go upstairs to their room rather than sitting in the living room.

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& a happy new year to you too

My Lil one is also just passed 2 months old too & I remember reading some of your previous post before giving birth to your boy.

I can honestly say I get good nights & bad nights from my daughter I find sometimes giving her a nice warm bath just before her 6o clock feed helps to get her down without too much fuss

I also decided to start giving her a bottle / formula feed at this time as my eldest child who is 5 yrs old also needs a bit of attention from time to time.


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That's the problem. I have a 7 year and a 4 year old and they need my time. But thanks for ur suggestion. I gave little man a bath at 5 so let's c how we get on.

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