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Lo with severe wind help!

My lo is ebf and over the last few weeks has really suffered from wind (bottom end) soon as I feed her she starts squirming around takes me ages to settle her on a night soon as she falls asleep she wakes up grimacing and crying. Iv tried pushing her knees up in2 her stomach and giving her gripe water and she does do few farts ( sorry for tmi)but can take hours b4 she stops getting upset and then its time to feed n all starts again any idea? X

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When you have finished her feed does she seem to burp at all ?

My LO is now 9 wks old & also has a few problems with wind too especially during the night feeds as she seems to fall asleep whilst she still on the breast.

I also give my LO some gripe water & she seems to be fine by the next feed but every child is different.

Have you tried "colief infant drops" as this is also quite good for relieving wind.


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My lo does fall asleep whilst feeding I still usually manage to get a burp or 2 out its more the other end that's the issue! Would colief be good for that end 2?


I'm going through this atm with my week old and I'm struggling with it I feel useless and helpless and I even cried earlier I'm new to this and have no idea what to do :-(


It is really hard especially when there younger than a month as pretty ltd to just infacol my lo suffered with wind out the top when she was that young n now its wind our the bottom she is definitely a windy lady. I think its just keep on try different things something will either work or the phase will pass I def find rubbing tummy n knees to tummy gets a bit out! Anythings worth a shot x

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Colief is really good and suitable frm birth x


Seems like many NB's go through this to some extend, I was using Infacol given before each feed. Worked ok for him and helped burps come up. It should get better soon, they appear to grow out of it...there will always be wind but they are more efficient at getting rid X


I thought these problems didn't really arise when babies are breastfed but I'm glad I'm not alone. These babies make us mummy's so worried haha x


Ino I thought these were the pros of breast feeding apparently not! Haha x


Hey. My LO is 10 weeks today & since about 3 weeks old he has suffered from wind (at the bottom end!) I have posted on here a couple of times asking for help as I felt so upset that I couldn't help him.

Firstly make sure your baby is latching on properly as they can gulp down air if they are not in the best position. I visited a local breast feeding group when he was 3 weeks and they tweeked his position so he was getting the best latch.

Secondly, we tried infacol, dentinox, Colief (prescribed by GP as it's really expensive to buy) and gripe water. All of these seemed to help a little but only for a short time, nothing brought any great relief. Gripe water was the best (even for bottom burps) but for some reason he started choking on it when I was giving it to him as it is a bit thick. Anyway we stopped using it & now he's not having anything.

Honestly, it will get better as the weeks go on. I know it's hard but between 12 & 16 weeks is when their digestive system matures & symptoms should fade. My LO is so much better than he was although we still have problems,fingers crossed it will disappear soon.

What I do find helpful is a warm bath as this relaxes him. We find that he'll often fill his nice clean nappy after he's just had a bath!

Also, he sleeps on his side as he releases quite a bit of wind this way. He hates it on his back.

Doing bicycles legs & rubbing his tummy in a clockwise direction may help. Also try lying your baby over your knees and rubbing his back. The pressure on their tummy helps relieve their discomfort.

I suppose what helps my LO the most though is breast feeding. At first I thought that feeding him would only make things worse but I found that it was the only thing that comforted him. I asked the HV about it and she said that actually it's good to feed him because breast milk contains a hormone which is a natural laxative & helps to move their digestive system. This made me feel much better knowing I could comfort him this way & it does make him poo a lot of the time when I'm feeding.

Sorry for the long post. It's a more common problem in BF babies than I realised & not much worked for us but it will honestly improve with time!


Thanks just nice to no im not the only one she is now 15 weeks n does seem 2 b easing slightly. She has now started teething so I dont think I will get a good night sleep any time soon owell all good fun :)


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