having hard time, 37 weeks and want it over

just to winge. i have severe spd and back pain, since Sunday night cant sleep as the pain is unbearable, every-time she move it makes me pee or scream in pain, she is already engaged. i have obs appointment today and thinking of asking her to sweep as i am going crazy, i cant even take my son to nursery. to make things worse no one wants to look after my little one for when i go to appointments, i can forget about having birthing partner which would be daddy but he will have to be with our son, and was wondering if doc will do check down there or do sweeps if my toddler is with me, other wise my partner has to come back from work. anyways i am also so scared because he works far away (bout 2hr away by train), what will i do when i go into labor, my son arrived very quickly after my waters broke, 4min. not even ambulance would get in time, besides last thing i want is my son to see all this

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Aw you're having a hard time. As you know the end is a killer anyway, without the extra problems as well. I hope all goes well with your appointment and bubba doesn't make you wait too long for relief!! x

You poor thing. I know exactly how you feel about the SPD - I'm 38+4 and in so much pain, really can't wait for labour to start. I don't have another LO to look after though, which must be so, so difficult. I think you're doing incredibly.

I know we're all different, but I felt really, really low last week (week 37). I was in so much pain, tearful, didn't see how I could cope with it all any more. Then this week, since Monday, I've felt so much brighter and more positive. I can't explain it, the pain is still there, but my mood has just lightened for some reason - hormones perhaps? That probably doesn't help you at all at the moment, but I do hope things get better for you. Hang in there!

Ah hun it's bad :( I had SPD too and was a killer oh the pain down below was horrible felt like is been kicked in the ladie bits an bum, once I had my Lil man the release of pressure was lovely :) I don't think I will have any more babies as I don't think I could go through that again !! Lol it will be over soon xxx

That's such a good description of SPD. It's not exactly an area you can rub better in public! Good to hear it got better after the birth. Did you use particular positions during birth?

Unfortunately I didn't have time to think about positions it all happened so quick 2 hours pushing he was here, looking back the midwife didn't even try to get me to change position I was on my back and wish is had time for a water birth as I think that would of helped with the pressure :( luckily a week after I'd had him the pain had virtually gone which was great but really wouldn't wish spd on any ladies xx

thanks ladies, today for some reason i do feel more positive, hormones i guess, but docs said yesterday that they think i am first stages of labor and if she does not arrive by next week they'll try to induce me, so today as i feel better taking my son to nursery and will do some last min baby shopping. anyway thanks ladies for the support.

That's great news. Riding the ups and downs of pregnancy, eh?!

yeh, went shopping today, got bit disappointing when i got home as spent nearly £100 and bearly got anything, everything is sooo expensive its ridiculous. i will be making my own bedding for her.

I know! I'm resisting the urge to buy too much until he arrives and we know what we really need. E.g. haven't bought bottles, steriliser, pump, as hoping to breast feed. It's so tempting to buy loads in the sales! All the little essentials add up though...

this time i got bottles and steriliser even though i want to breastfeed too, as i did with my first, but being prepared just in case. besides i got tommy tippy set from ebay for only £50, mothercare sel it for £99.99. get on ebay, some of the stuff i got was rediqulous prices, e.g. changing table for £1.20 in very good condition. crib £10.