Finding it hard to get to sleep due to difficulty breathing :(


I'm currently 32 weeks and I'm finding it harder to catch my breath and get a deep breath, this is fine and manageable during the day since I'm upright but when I lie down in bed I feel like I'm suffocating/drowning (sounds a bit dramatic lol but you know what I mean). I'm finding it so hard to get to sleep, tried using four pillows last night to stay more upright but my back got sore :(

Does anyone have any tips? Thanks x

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Morning, is your bump still quite high so not dropped yet as mine started to drop around this time and I suffered with incredible rib pains until this time....then my pelvis was effected instead.

My instinct was to say prop yourself up to give yourself room to breathe. Are you sure nothing underlying like a cold/virus? Any damp in your accommodation? :-(


Sleeping on my back has been impossible for me for weeks now, no matter how many pillows I've got around me. Try sleeping on your side, preferably left, that's the best for your baby, and it takes the weight off your chest. Pillow between your legs helps too x


I had this from around 28 weeks thru to 35 weeks then my bubba dropped down and I feel soooo much better now. All I found was sleeping on my side with a pillow holding the weight of my bump helped, but didn't give me great relief. It was prob one of my worst symptoms, and when she dropped down I was so relieved. Sorry it's not much help. Hope ur bubba drops soon x


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