'Show' at 34+1?

Hello ladies, this is my first post, although been reading a while. I'm 34+1 today with my first.My EDD is 17 Feb, so still a bit to go, but I think I had a 'show' already. A bit on Sunday, which was light greenish in colour, no blood, and a bit which was clear and pinkish today. Both bits smaller than 10p coin. Is it possible that things are happening already? Been to MW on Monday, baby is head down and low already, mentioned the 'show' to her, but she didn't seemed alarmed. I feel fine, just a bit sleepy, whole pregnancy also been great.

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  • Hiya. Yes it could be your show. Losing the mucus plug doesn't always mean birth is imminent.....mine was about 3 weeks before the birth of my son and happened over the course of nearly 2 weeks. I had a few complications though so don't know if some of my experience was usual lol. But I know the show can happen well in advance of labour :-) x

  • Sounds like your show for sure! I had mine about 35/36 weeks and gave birth at 39, so like fattyboom says doesn't necessarily mean that you will go into labour early. X

  • as the girls hav said, its just ur body slowly preparing itself, mine went at 37 weeks and I had my son at 40 +3, and mine ccame away over a few days not all at once, u will probli notice more signs over nxt few weeks its just ur body preparing x

  • Thank you very much ladies! I'll keep an eye on it xxx

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