Itchy legs, getting on my nerves

Since the moment I've been pregnant I've had really itchy legs (and feet sometimes). No matter whether I shave, don't shave, moisturise, just leave them, nothing seems to work. My legs come out in little spots almost like ingrown hairs but they are never normally itchy until I became pregnant. I drink plenty of water so doubtful it's water retention and my feet aren't swollen either. It's starting to wake me up at night now too. Has anyone else had this? Can anyone give me any suggestions as what I could do?

Thank you in advance. :)


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5 Replies

  • I had this at 15 weeks (now 30) It was like a heat rash type. Midwife recommended aqueous cream which helped the itching and it seemed to disappear in a few weeks. I was also told to use non perfumed shower gel like simple and sensitive shave foam. Also to wear natural fibres preferably loose fitting and to avoid wearing tights (now wear leggings instead) Also try and stay cool as heat can aggrevate. Hope this helps.

  • Fab - thanks kerry1607 - I shall try all of that! :) I was recommended calamine lotion but that just dried my skin out and made it worse.

  • Hi there, I was the same from about 20 weeks but it was my boobs!! It got to the point where my skin started peeling off as if I'd been sunburnt... I was prescribed a cream by the doctor as nothing would stop it and it woke me up at night. It hasn't completely gone but if none of the above works, it might be worth mentioning it to the doctor. I was told it was just pregancy hormones affecting your skin's sensitivity. Good luck :-)

  • Worth mentioning to your Doctor, might need blood tests to rule out a condition called ICP(Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy). I have this condition for the 4th time and only symptom is itching. Is pretty rare condition but if itching carries on would definitely recommend getting checked out. Good luck xxx

  • I get itchy pretty much every day on hands and feet although I have something called urticaria anyway. I absolutely swear by something called Dermacool, menthol aqueous cream. It cools the skin so soothes the itch and moisturizes, it also helps it mend broken skin. Ask at the chemist. Last time I tried E45 itch relief, Sudocrem all sorts and nothing worked this stuff is a god send for me. Might work.

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