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Change of milk advice

I started bottle feeding and used yellow sma, things were going fine but I decided to change her milk to blue sma (for hungrier babies) which kept her full but made her very constipated when I first changed but her stools did soften up and become easier to pass. I am about to start weaning so wanted to swap her milk to yellow again as food with make her more constipated for a week beforehand so once food is taken she shouldn't have problems passing stools. I'm on day 3 of this change and she has severely runny bowels near enough after every feed. Shall I hang it out for longer as she has before had this milk and it suited her fine then or shall I change altogether? I was under the impression it is the changeover but thought I'd of noticed improvement by now. Any advice welcome.....

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Sounds like she has a confused bowel, if you have already switched back to old milk continue but if not improved in a day or so I would check with doctor. Hope this helps, Good luck


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