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Need help not feeling well

I ve had a baby one week ago and she is not sleeping at night and of course not me as well and I can't sleep during the day i m not sleepy and I have another son in school. I am starting to feel unwell with headache dizziness and fear for my health I also feel exhausted because I am breastfeeding basically all day and night I don't know what to do

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I'm really sorry you're experiencing this & I can only imagine how tired you're feeling but How is the baby latching onto your breast.

When the baby is feeding do you hear her swallowing / gulping?

In extreme cases it can usually take a few weeks for your breast milk to establish itself into the breast my advise is speak to your health visitor about this as you should have been given her telephone number.



You need to rest, it doesn't have to be sleep as your body will recharge. just close your eyes and relax even just on the sofa whilst baby is sleeping xx

Are you eating well as you burn more calories whilst breastfeeding feeding and you need to drink tons of water xx

your doing an amazing job ... remember that xx

my little one is 12 weeks now xx


Might you be a bit dehydrated? Not a replacement for a good nights sleep but drinking plenty of water might help with the headaches.


I feel for you. Things can seem impossible at the start and it's easy to feel that it'll be like that forever and think you won't cope.

I've found taking multivitamins with iron has helped me physically - though need to check with midwife or doctor first. Also make sure you are drinking enough.

Have you got anyone who can help you out. Just to take baby for an hour while your son is at school? Even if it's just putting your feet up for a while it'd do you some good.

I hope you feel better soon x


Hi Hun

Hopefully you have managed a little sleep? I agree with Nochok, you're prob a bit dehydrated not to mention exhausted, is there anyone who can come over for a couple of days to help out and give you a little rest or at least help with your son so you can focus on yourself and bubs?


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