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travelling abroad with an infant.

hey guys,

Me n OH have booked a holiday for Sept to Majorca. If baby is born by due date, they will be around 8mths old when we go. I am slightly worried about travelling due to the security and liquids restrictions at airports. We will be in an airport lounge for approx 2-3hrs before our flight and baby will need food and milk (as I will have stopped breast feeding by this stage) and also for the 2-3hr flight. That is my main concern as I know I can put as much food as needed in the luggage that gets packed onto the hold of the plane rather than carry-on.

Also, does baby need its own passport? Or do I need to change my own to add baby to?

What did u guys do when taking an infant abroad? xx

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Oh I'm gona be going to Majorca in September!! I think I'm gona get him his own little passport. I haven't thought about the rest yet as its too long away for me lol. And we aren't booking til last minute :D x


ooooh awesome! great minds think alike hehe. We booked through Thomson as we got lots of extras that u wouldnt get without a travel agent, like special rules for luggage with a pushchair and travel cot that isnt counted in ur allowances but we got a decent price, just slightly more expensive than onthebeach or icelolly. Hope u get a cracking deal :) last minute deals can be amazing.

Thanks for the passport info, how much did a baby passport cost, if u dont mind me asking? x


I've not done it yet but when I looked previously it was £46 to get by post. £54.75 if you do the post office service which I usually do.

I love Majorca :D and it's a relatively easy first holiday with a bubba I think.

We need to look at our finances so last minute suited us better this time. But Thomson are great to holiday with :D x



baby will need their own passport.

As for food I think my sister was allowed to take some pre made milk cartons through, as long as the packaging was intact but that was 2 years ago.

Probably best to phone airport or your airline for advice.

In the departure lounge or on the plane they could give you boiled water but you would have to let it cool. Alghough i wonder if they let you take powdered milk through? ??

sorry I'm not much help



thank you for that, any help is always appreciated, i'll maybe have to phone Birmingham airport to ask their policies x


I work in security at Gatwick so I shud b able to help, u can pre order baby milk from the boots in departure lounge so u can pick it up when ur through security so u don't need to lug it through security or u can bring through baby cartons through security but u will b made to test 50% so if u hav 6 cartons u will need to test 3. same with any other baby drink i.e water or juice u will need to test it..yep the rules r shit, I agree...x


I didnt know about the boots thing, that would be amazing. I'll defo look into that. If I bring 4 cartons and keep 2 bottles on hand, i can open 2 cartons and empty them straight into bottles after testing. The rules are defo crap, but always good to know there are ways around it. Thank u ever so much for this x


yep, just be prepared to hav to test half of what u bring through, if the rules change nearer time I will update u. x


We are going in April (though cruising not flying so a bit different!) I'm just getting Hugo his own passport. He will be 9 months when we go.

I've thought about flying too as there was a possibility we were going to Spain a few months back, we didn't in the end but I thought, there is usually a "boots"in airports once you have got through security, so maybe you can buy those ready made formula bottles in there? Should be enough to keep him/her going till you can get to where you are staying? Then your bottles, formula and sterilizing stuff can come out of your baggage.

Coming back is more tricky as I don't know if they would have a similar type if shop in the airport in Majorca?

You would think they would make exceptions for babies but unfortunately we live in a world where people will go to any lengths to cause harm! :( xx


this is true, the few cause so much trouble and inconvenience for the rest of us. I dont think the airport security is that strict in spain as it is in the uk. At least, anytime we have went, the airports didnt really seem to care too much about what u had with u, just that it all fitted into 1 bag ha! Not long til ur cruise though, bet ur all excited :) xx


Hello, how exciiting i love planning for and going on holiday. My son was 9 months old first time we travelled abroad with him and process was really easy.

Baby definately needs there own passport you haven't been able to add them to parents passport for about 15 years.

We've always taken bottles and later sippy cups through for him and they just ask me or OH to take a sip to prove there's nothing to worry about in there. Boots service is great and being able to pre order makes it even better, you can even collect your advantage points :-)

Travelling back from Spain has been same procedure test what ever is in bottle /cup and no problems. You can check- in car seat with luggage and keep pram/pushchair with you right up to the door/stairs of the plain and this is same on return flight.

Hope you have a great time xxx


Holidaying just got complicated eh...there will be so much to think about...I am an over-packer as it is so taking a baby I will need my own jet ;-) We want to go away when bubs is about 9 months. I think I will need an idiots guide to taking a baby on holiday!! x



You can pre order ready made formula from boots airside at most airports. Only certain formulas though. I ordered about 6 just to have enough incase of delays etc but think you can order as many as you want. You can take water too they may ask you to taste it. Check airports website regarding this they're pretty helpful x


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