How early did your pregnancy symptoms start?

I'm 4 weeks today and the symptoms are already here, constant nausea, peeing a lot more, headaches, cravings, tiredness etc... is that normal to get them this early?

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  • I've being through 2 pregnancies & I can honestly say both of them were totally different in the symptoms appearance & duration..

    I guess it just all boils down to everybody's different.

  • ahh thankyou, when did your sickness start?

  • With my 1st child my sickness start from day 1 but with this one I'm sure I got tto 12wks at least.

  • Unfortunately there is nothing normal about pregnancy symptoms and no one will hav the same. .my sickness started at 9 weeks and after everyone telling me that it will go by about 16 weeks I was still being sick the morning I gave birth twice a day. I had a time between about 20-32 weeks where I cud eat properly but was still ill. Hopefully they will go for u soon xx

  • ahh great, thankyou and how bad was your sickness?xx

  • It was horrendous. .twice a day forr 9 months..I lived on ice lollies for quite a while as that's all I cud bring myself to eat x

  • Hey, I had some early symptoms - weeing a lot and sore boobs. However, by about week 8 all my symptoms disappeared and I began to wonder if I was pregnant at all!! Hope you stay well xx

  • that's what mine are like they come and go, well aside from the nausea which is constant, that's really helpful thankyou! xx

  • I never got any really! 2 days of morning sickness - put it down to a bug so didn't notice and could smell burnt toast everywhere I went! Google suggested I had a brain tumour!! Everyone is different! Eat little and often, plain food, rice pasta, bread etc and rest when you can!! It won't last forever!! Congratulations!! :) xx

  • lucky you! haha and awww burnt toast? good old google haha, and yeah i'm trying to, thankyou! xx

  • If your sickness gets really bad, go see your gp as you don't want to get dehydrated like I Saud I don't really get morning sickness but when ever I feel queasy I drink mint tea! Works a treat!! Xx

  • Hello and congratulations! Like others have said early symptoms are different for everyone. All mine started at 4 weeks: fizzing sensation in my lower abdomen and a feeling as if my period was about to start (lasted a couple of weeks); tender boobs (till a week ago - am now 23+1 weeks); waves of mild nausea but luckily no actual sickness (till about week 8/9) which usually meant I needed water or to nibble something; constantly thirsty which meant I needed to pee every 15 mins (till about week 13); tiredness has been with me until last week so enjoying the return of my energy as understand it won't last!! Sounds like a long list but I consider myself to have been pretty lucky so far :-) All the best with your pregnancy! :-) xx

  • Hi,

    First of all Congrats!!:)I had sore boobs from the 2nd week im 10 weeks and have 2 size bigger than before.On my 6-8 weeks i become vegetarian..could not eat anything except vegetables or fruits.Now everything is back to normal, sometimes i feel like i am not even pegnant just when i look at my belly :) Have fun and enjoy every minute :)xx

  • Hello, and congratulations!

    Looking back, mine started before I found out I was pregnant, when I thought I was a bit bloated and due a period at any point! I found out at about 6(ish?) weeks, so had sore boobs, mood swings, tiredness, what I thought was bloating, aches and pains...then the nausea started just before I found out.

    Everybody's different, symptom wise :-) Xx

  • Am feeling the same way 2 and am going crazy as it has only been 5 days since I had unprotected sex and 6 days since I ovulate.. how early did you test.

  • My nausea started at around 6/7 weeks! The smell of meat and curry really got to me! At 4 week's, I felt sick, but it never amounted to anything. I also just felt different. I have only been through one pregnancy but I would say nothing and everything is normal in pregnancy! Hopefully ur lucky and it clears up by 12 week's or so. Congrats :)

  • Hiya! Don't know about normal but I found out I was positive at 2-3 weeks from conception. I only did the test because I was hormonal and feeling really sick but thought it was due to work stress! Big surprise! I was also craving cold rice pudding and ice cream but put it down to the heat wave we had this summer! I was told it was a good sign that baby is healthy. Get to find out in 9 weeks! Congratulations by the way.

  • I had suspicions at the time the egg would have been implanting. I felt i had a bit of a temperature and the most painful nipples and boobs I have every experienced! Lol Not to mention the extreme exhaustion - i was in bed at 7pm from that time too! Then the nausea. But they end as quickly as they start- which panics you!! Good luck x

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