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Induction looming - scared

I am now 41+1 weeks and have absolutely no signs of my baby boy coming anytime soon :(

He's not dropped, although I've had a few BH and cramping over the last couple of nights.

I am booked in for an induction on Thursday, which I am so scared about. I wanted a home birth as I hate being in hospital, however I just want my boy to be here safely so I know it's the best thing as I also have Obstetric cholestasis.

Has anyone else been in my position - or had a positive induction experience?

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Hey. I haven't had situation was a bit complicated in the end unfortunately. But I know for a fact that a few of the ladies on here have had successful inductions and I'm sure will reply to you when they can. In the mean time I just wanted to say you have the right attitude about the fact that although it may not end up being the birth you wanted but your safety and that of your baby is the important thing. I hope you have a great birth no matter how it happens and wish you luck with it all. Not long now and your little boy will be in your arms :-) x


Hi Hun....I am one of those ladies as Fattyboom said.

I was dead set against Induction and whilst was not apposed to the hospital environment I wanted a natural birth or as close as I could without complication.

I ended up having an induction for 2 reasons....maternal age and they worry about the health of placenta and as I had attended the ANDU for a 2nd sweep but bubba's heart rate was higher then desired, we tried everything to bring the heart rate down I was 40+2 and as not prepared to take the risk by pushing it another few day to my induction which was rebooked at 40+6. I was 1-2cm dilated 3 days earlier and baby was 2/5 engaged and had been for a while.

The induction started with a 'prostin' pessary which was inserted behind the cervix, this was left in situ for 24hrs. Within 30mins of insertion I experienced cramping pain. I do believe this helps to efface the cervix. I didn't get much sleep at all that night which worried me as thought how am I going to muster the strength for labour. After 24hrs they pulled the pessary had broke my waters, my contractions built up quite quickly and within a few hrs I was 9cm dilated & was moved to labour ward (I don't think they were aware of how quick it was happening)

I started gas and air at this point, my contractions slowed with this so I had take it easy on the gas as still keen to deliver 'naturally'.

I delivered 4.5hrs after my waters were broken with a 2nd degree tear....largely because he came out with his hand to face, there was no delivery of head then body...he came as one, all 7lb13oz of him.

What is it that worries you the most? Maybe I can help put it in perspective :-) X


Hi both, thanks for your responses!

I had originally planned a home brith as wanted everything to be as natural and relaxed as possible. With a completely uncomplicated pregnancy, and baby's heart rate etc being perfect it seemed like all was going according to plan.

Then Christmas Eve I was diagnosed with Obstetric cholestasis which ruled out a home birth and put me into a panic as I stupidly researched it and saw that it can carry a chance of still born.

I saw my midwife last week and she tried to do a sweep but baby has moved up and she couldn't even reach my cervix to do it. He's also moved round and is now back to back.

I've heard stories of long drawn out inductions that have ended up in c sections and I'm just worried that it's all going to end up really traumatic like these stories!

I suppose it's rare you hear the positive stories and just wanted some reassurance from those who had experienced a similar situation first hand!

It's encouraging that it seemed easier for you :) hopefully I'll follow your lead!

Did you have to stay in hospital, or could you go home and wait for labour to start?



I had to stay in. The induction ward was quiet that night with just myself and another girl so rules were broken and our partners were allowed to stay. The following night I delivered at 22.40 so stayed that night, I wanted to go home the following day, I felt ok and bf was going ok but as first baby they the doctors wanted me to stay another night so I did 3 nights.

Everyone has a story and this is what worried me but complications can happen irrespective of Induction.

My friend had a still birth only 3 weeks earlier at 37wks and this is why I was not going to push my luck..although our circumstances were completely different.

There was no explanation for my baby HR being 180, he usually sat at 140. They forced me to drink a jug of water then put me on a drip as they thought it might be my hydration. No joy, go off got a wander and do something normal....still the same so I thought sod it lets do it!

You might well have put the willies up you with googling, just monitor foetal movements as I am sure you do anyway and trust your instinct. What's going to happen about being back to back? Get on hands and knees and get scrubbing to see if he'll turn as I understand back to back deliver much harder :-( Xx


I wasn't induced but a friend of mine was, she had done a hypnobirthing course and wanted a natural birth too. Her husband convinced the midwife to let her go in the birthing pool even though she had been induced and she had a beautiful calm water birth, so it can be done.

I know my midwife when I first met her said she'd been attending a home birth the night before where the lady had been in for induction during the day, so I guess it depends on your area.

Back to back baby I do have experience of! My first labour was deemed slow to progress as my lo was back to back, but it wasn't a bad thing apart from the staff upsetting me about it! I gave birth naturally 49 hours after my first contractions started, but they built up very gradually, I only used gas and air and that ran out in the ambulance as they blue lighted me to the hospital, which probably helped get me fully dilated. I had to be cut because she was back to back, but that was fine (certainly better than the third degree tear another friend had). She came naturally and I'm hoping to have a home birth this time. Definitely get down on all fours to help turn baby, keep positive, your attitude will have a big influence on the outcome and soon all the waiting will be over!


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