Bloody show

So I had my membranes swept 4hours ago and then straight away when I sat up there was blood then when I wiped there was lots of discharge with blood bits in, so we think I lost my plug then.

But we just went for a walk and when we stopped half way around I felt like I was peeing but I couldn't stop it. When we got back (about 20min later) the pad I was wearing was full of a dark brown like dried blood discharge.

Is this a continuation of my plug? Or is the bloody show different to my plug? But if it was my show why did it feel like I was peeing?

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I would call midwife or triage for reassurance.


Been having some contractions since when I am bouncing on my ball but once I lay down they stop. I've felt baby move so I'm not worried about it xx


Its your plug and your for waters could of gone or the hind you have two sacks of fluid one of them may have started leaking I would ring your MAU at the hospital your booked in with advise them on the situation they may want you to pop in for a check or they may just ask you to wait until you get contractions every few minutes keep monitoring yourself logging how long you have the pains for so the hospital know when you go in .


Sounds like your waters are leaking. My waters leaked but was always clear then turned a pinky colour.


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