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Post c section, microgynon and bleeding? Tmi!!!


Hi everyone, haven't been on here for a while, little man is now nearly 11 week's old. Keeping me busy!

I ended up having an emergency c section, and two days after, was aloud to go home.

My lochia stopped by 5 week's, and had my first period at around 6.5 weeks, and on the first day of that period, I took my first pill, as advised.

I would say it was heavier than what I had become accustomed to, felt like I was 12 again, but it lightened up within the usual time frame. The problem is, I never stopped, I went through the whole pack, and I spotted for the rest of that cycle. I started my period again a week ago after finishing that pack, and on day 5 of my break, I completely stopped.

I thought maybe iI was my hormones. I took my first pill of my new pack yesterday, and today there was a couple of tiny spots, and when I wiped, red mucus (sorry, tmi).

Of course, I'm going to see my doctor, but in the mean time, I can't help but worry. Is it my c section gone wrong? My hormones? Something else? If anyone has any insight, would be much appreciated.

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I had a similar experience. My bleeding stopped a few weeks after c section mad them started heavy again though around 5 heavy I was changing a night pad...sometimes had to wear two....every hour. Started bk on the pill at week 6....microgynon also. After 2 weeks bleeding slowed but didn't stop. Just light bleeding. Heavy period after that pack and then next pack slowly it tapered off to a stop. Now in between again...heavy period as usual. I think it's more just our bodies getting back in the swing of things. I had a scan at one point due to continuous infections after the birth. They checked my womb for retained matter but there was none. They did say there was still a pocket of blood in there which may also be why bleeding was so dragged out x

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Wow, a pad or 2 an hour!? That's Heavy! Well at least things sound like they are getting back to normal for you. It was heavy for me but not that heavy. Was still manageable. Once getting home, I feel like I recovered really well. Just have to see what the doc says :) thanx for the reply :) x

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Yh my normal periods are heavy anyway and before the pill I would sometimes have to wear 4 night pads to bed just so I didn't leak everywhere lol!! Probably the reason why I bled so heavily then too I guess x

I went back on the pill after my C-sec and like you I had a period for the whole time I was taking the pill. I am on the continuous pill now so don't have a break. My little girl is 18 weeks old now and my periods have worked themselves into a pattern again now. You would have known before now if something had gone wrong with your C-sec. Your body is all messed up from being pregnant then not it will get back to normal soon in a few weeks.

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Yeah , I did think if the c section had gone wrong I would know long before now. Good news is I haven't spotted today yet, yay :D what an exciting life I lead :D thanks for the reply :) x

A friend of mine would bleed constantly while taking her pill and would be fine during her break and then would start bleeding soon after taking her pill again her doctor prescribed another pill and has been fine since xx

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Yeah, I'm thinking that they might change my pill, but then they might say leave it a couple of weeks and see what happens. I dunno, will see what they say, thanx for replying :) x

Hi I've had 3 c sections and I can say that my bleeding has been different every single time. I also found that it could stop and come back. I was worried and mentioned it to my health visitor who said that sometimes bleeding can continue or restart if you're doing too much. Easier said than done when I have a 6 year old and a 3 year old as well as the newborn baby!!!

Try resting a bit and see what difference it makes. Easier said than done I know!!

jubbly in reply to Pootlestw

Yeah I found with my lochia, if I had a busy day doing mummy things, I did have a heavier bleed, was easier to rest then though, because he slept so much. Now, im lucky if he has a nap in the day for more than 30 mins. He doesn't want to miss a moment! Good news is I haven't spotted in 2 days nearly now! Yay! Thanx for replying :) x

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