Hi everybody :-)

Hi everybody :-)

So was taken in on 1/1/2014 (due date) as bloods taken day before showed elevated liver problem and was extremely itchy. They decided to induce me by giving me propress (I think was called) after this falling out 3 times the midwife finally managed to reposition and then started to loose the bloody show and contractions started and became very intense keeping me awake. Which happened very quickly from the time induction actually started! The propress then fell out completely whilst on the toilet early hours on 2/1/2014 contractions became very regular and I was taken to delivery where they then examined me and to my shock was only 2cm dilated but as they were so regular and after being on the heartbeat monitor every time I had a contraction baby's heartbeat went scarily low and the amount of midwifes doctors etc in the room making me even more scared they rushed me to theatre for a c section. I have never felt so scared and upset in all my life and have been put off falling pregnant again but after all of the shock and trauma my little Olivia was born at 11.35 on 2/1/2014 and she's doing well I managed to come home 3/1/2014 a day early I was in a lot of pain but really wanted to be home they agreed I could as was up and about. Thanks for all your previous comments xx

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Congrats hun she is beautiful enjoy every minute :) xx hope u make a speedy recovery

Ahhh Congratulations and welcome to the world Olivia, you share my birthday :-)

Hope your feeling ok Mummy X

Well done to you! Lovely news! Welcome to the world Olivia xx

Congratulations xx

Yay! She's here! Congratulations. She's beautiful x

Congratulations! She is a beauty!! How much did she weigh? Hope you recover quickly!! Xx

Congrats. ..Welcome to the world little Olivia x

Thank u everyone she's amazing and although with the horrible experience and nothing going to plan I'm so glad she's here in my arms as week speak. I have so much love and patience for her which I never knew was there or possible. She's so tiny and newborn clothes so big on here despite me thinking 7.4lbs was around average I think she's tiny. I'm finally in the baby club and can enjoy seeing and hopefully being able to give my own advice :-) x

It's an amazing feeling....enjoy it :-)

Thank u xx

I only had 0-3 clothes for my son some of which still fit him now 17 weeks later. .my son was 7lb13 . Take it easy..there will b hard days and gd days and days where u think I cnt do it but as time goes on u will realise all the sleepless nights and tears will b Worth it when she smiles..giggles and tries to crawl. There's always a few people on here at stupid o'clock so advice is always at hand xx

Hello Olivia :-) And congratulations to you! Xx

Congratulations! She's absolutely beautiful :)

Sorry to ask, Was your liver problem only picked up through a blood test? And was the itching everywhere? Only asking as my bump has become so itchy these last couple weeks and seems to be getting worse, didn't think much of it until I read your post.

Hope you make a speedy recovery, congratulations once again :) x

Thank u :-) it started about 5 weeks ago with hands, feet and everywhere itching including bump. Mentioned it to midwife who then done blood test to rule the liver thing out and came bk ok. It then started again before Xmas but more on hands, feet and bump and my hands would feel like pins and needles and go numb sometimes but often got worse at night so mentioned it again and they came bk next day with high levels so I would definitely get it checked out as u may not have it at first but it showed up at the end of my pregnancy and can be risky to u hence why I had to be induced as can get worse. But my induction didn't go as well but don't worry as long as u and baby are ok that's the main thing! Get it checked out. All the best :-) xx

Okay thanks for your reply :) xx

Awwrrh! Bless

My daughter was only 6Lbs 12Oz at birth I was besotted with her not sure how much she weighs now but definitely plumper.

She georgous congratulations


Ah congratulations xxx she's gorgeous xx

Thanks to God,and congratulations dear xx

Aww she looks perfect, so cute! Hope you are feeling and recovering well. Congratulations xx

Ahh she's beautiful! Welcome baby Olivia xx

Thank u everybody for ur comments means a lot :-) xx

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