Advice on how to get breastfed baby to take a bottle. This is my third but it is a struggle each time to get them to take a bottle

Meant to be going to a show in London tonight and first time away from breastfed baby. He is 24 weeks old and I have just started him on baby rice but he is totally breastfed and despite best attempts in last few days he will not take a bottle. I will be away from him for a maximum of 8 hours but really worried about going now. Advice please


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    Try above link

    A friend of mine says the haberman feeder has been great to wean her LO off the breast. I gave my dd bottles while breast feeding so she learnt how to do both but most health professionals say not to as they can get confused. However I'm glad I did because now I can leave her with hubby and bottles. It would be interesting if anyone else has tried the haberman

  • Thanks for your response. I will get one to try.

  • I had the same worry bk in October with my then 6 week old when I went to a wedding and was gone for 9 hrs but he was fine as I was no where to b seen as they can smell ur milk..once my son realised that there was nothing else he took it...he has a bottle when hes with my mil when I leave him with her. Who will b feeding him? Hav they tried to giv him a bottle b4? X

  • Thanks for responding. My husband will be looking after him and has tried for the last few days to give him a bottle without me around but he just refuses it. My Mum will also be around and she has tried him too but again he refuses. I have tried a variety of bottles and teats and the NUK one seems to get the least reaction but still not taking it. However in the last couple of days I have introduced two meals of baby rice/porridge a day so at least they can give him something whilst I am away. I am tempted not to go but my husband bought me a ticket to a show in London for Christmas with my sister and I have not been anywhere without baby for six months. I know in my head he will be fine but it is the guilt that you naturally have and also the prospect of my husband having to deal with the crying and my other two waking up. Oh the joys of motherhood!!

  • I worried too but I was a bridesmaid for my best was strange at first not having the little person there. He will b ok..yep there will b tears but this might b a gd thing and enable you to leave him more often. Just a word of advice if ur going for 8 hrs make sure u hav enough breast pads. .when I was at the wedding I had 6 pads in each side and still leaked xx

  • Thanks its not a pleasant process is it. Just imagining the uncomfortable feeling. I am sure I will enjoy it once I get there. Thanks again

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