'Strange' baby movements

40 weeks today and have a midwife appointment later this morning, but just wondered if anyone else had experienced this:

Baby wriggles about and kicks like normal but also noticing more other movements that feel almost like the baby is quivering/shuddering/vibrating. They only last for a second but it feels like I've got a huge butterfly inside me! Has anyone else experienced this??


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5 Replies

  • i get the shuddering and quivering too, mostly followed by a barage of kicks and punches. I think it is baby trying to stretch out but cant as there is no room to do so.

    Also, if u feel like a rhythmic buzzing vibration over a spell of 10mins or so, really low down, near ur cervix or at bottom of bump, that is meant to be baby having hiccups.

    Its all amazing :) xx

  • Thanks for the reassurance -that would make sense that I'm noticing more and more as she has less and less room too. Like I keep saying "If it's THAT uncomfortable in there, please feel free to vacate" ;)

  • PS: Have felt the hiccups before -they're really funny :) This quivering movement I describe to my husband as the baby doing a waggle dance ;)

  • haha thats brilliant, a waggle dance. it does feel really strange but also really reassuring. I too hope for baby to feel bored enuff to make an appearance :P i hope ur lo comes very soon xx

  • Thankyou; she's been very busy today -husband says she's packing her bags :) I mentioned the funny movements to the midwife today but she didn't seem very interested -was more interested that I was still getting kicked, which I am :)

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