last night's festivities railroaded...bump has dads mischievious nature!

all day news years eve I was having contractions much like the braxton hicks and these started getting regular at around 2pm. By 6pm, they were 6mins apart. I panicked and went to delivery suite who put me on the monitors. They said I certainly was contracting but the monitor was picking them up 2mins apart! So a registrar was swiftly brought in to examine me to find I was 1cm dilated. Kept in overnight and there was no progress but at 4am, they started to lose regularity and strength until they finally stopped at 8am. baby bump playing games....darn!

Can i ask, outta curiosity, how long it took u ladies to reach established labour after being told u were 1cm dilated? I am 36wks and dying to hold my lil bundle :) xx

Hope u all had a lovely night and got to enjoy it. Happy New Year to all, bring on 2014 xx

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I was 1cm dilated for at least 5 may recall I had an early sweep as my midwife was sure the baby was coming x


Actually that's wrong....1 cm for 2 weeks, 2cm for 2 weeks and then skip to 4cm when my waters went at 41 weeks x


oh god lol, i do remember ur posts. ur LO kept teasing u for weeks. Felt so sorry for u coz im sure it was torture. I've got fingers crossed that this one will decide to show mercy to it's mummy and come soon after yesterdays performance. most likely, ill follow the same pattern u did coz bump is an imp haha xx


Lol! Oh hope they make an appearance a lot sooner than my little pudding chop did!! I've forgiven him now....just haha!! x


To my knowledge I don't think it was very long, although bearing in mind it was my 2nd child born in November I was even surprised at how quick everything went. LOL



March 2012. I started having contractions with my first at 8pm Thursday night, Friday morning we went to the midwife led unit, I was checked and was 2cm, so they sent me home. Saturday morning I went back and I was 4cm so they let me stay, but baby was back to back, slow to progress so we were blue lighted to the hospital late afternoon and baby arrived 9:15pm, Saturday evening. I was 40+4 the day she arrived according to the growth scan date. Do lots of floor scrubbing on all fours to make sure you have a better chance of baby being in the correct position!


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