So fed up at having to be induced :-(

So I had my midwife appt yesterday and thought she was going to do sweep as was told week before. Midwife couldn't do it as I was a day before I was actually due. But have been having severe itching which she advised needed to have blood test. Got a call from my midwife this morning advising they are high and that if left its dangerous I never thought would develop the liver condition so close to pregnancy being over with!

So I'm sat in hospital bored and fed up and being induced. My birth plan was just to deliver baby and then leave but now I'm not excited or happy I'm just miserable and fed up :-(

Sorry about the moan I'm having 1 of those days x

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i know its hard, but try to forget the route as diversions can happen on even the best planned journeys and keep ur head focused on the destination, baby snuggled into ur arms. Inductions are never wanted but at least u know, one way or another, u will be meeting bump really soon and that is the best New Year's gift anyone can have :) Keep ur chin up hun and stay strong, u can do this xx

Ah it's pants when it all goes a bit wrong at the end. But you are so close now....bubba is almost here to make it all better :-) good luck, hope it all goes well now. I'll be thinking of you! Can't wait to hear of baby's safe arrival x

I dont think anyone has the perfect birth. .u hav just gota focus on ur bubba.. I hope it happens quickly for u but keep ur chin up and hang in there..look forward to hearing ur birth story xx

I know it's nit nice when things go wrong!!! I've been there but all that matters is your baby is safe! Xx

Aw sorry you're fed up. I was induced too because of low waters but just think Your little bundle will be with you soon and the important thing is that you will both be safe and well. Best of luck. See you on he other side!! X

oh its so rubbish. i had the same thing but just think its not long until baby is here :-)

good luck and you can totally do this xxx cant wait to hear of baby's name xx

I was induced after a failed sweep and I went back to have a second sweep 3d later but bubba heart rate was high and nothing we did would lower it so decision was made to go ahead. It was not as bad as I imagined as i was all about the natural birth. the main thing is that you are both ok and your baby is delivered safely, keep focusing on this and that your baby is on their way :-) They might even share my birthday if you induction already underway X

Any news? X

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