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What's wrong with my 3 month old baby??

Hi I went to my go yesterday and my lo has constant sickness And diarrhoea for the last 24 hours now (11 soiled nappies in 12 hours yesterday) he said to stop feeding for 24hours and give her dyrolyte which I have been however nothing is changing every feed she has coming out the other end withing minutes of her taking it down, she slept through till 5 this morning from 9pm last night with a terriable amount of wind and her nappies are wet but nothing like how they have been? I'm just worried she is becoming dehydrated? She's not a noisy or smiley eaither and just wants to sleep should I be more concerned or isit just a virus?

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I've never heard to stop feeding them and just give them dyralyte babies can become dehydrated very quickly if u think she has got worse then I would take her to ur g.p especially if she is lethargic and sleepy babies at this age should be seen...I wouldn't even wait for an app just go down there this morning as soon as they open x


I can only imagine what you're going through ( it must be torture), but if you don't mind me asking is your baby breastfed or bottle / formula fed ?

Could the cause of this sickness & diaoreah be a bad case of reflux perhaps?

I must admit it does sound very strange that your G.P advised you to stop feeding as surely this will only make the baby more sick & withdrawn.


When my little one had bad sickness he told me to just feed 1oz at a time every 20min or so. Totally stopping food seems odd! How is she now? Dud you go back to gp? X


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