Its a girl! :D

We had our 20 week scan today and found out its a girl. My partner has been struggling with the pregnancy but we both said we'd like a girl so im so pleased it is, im hoping he'll start to feel more of a connection with her now. We also chose a buggy together today. Fingers crossed he's slowly coming to terms with the change. I have to go back at 34 weeks as my placenta is lying low. Has anyone else had this before? Xx

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  • Awwwrh! Congratulations

    I'm sorry i 'very never had a low lying placenta so I can't give you any advise on that but i remember when we found out my daughter was on the way & i can honestly say my other half is now a changed man.


  • Congratulations on having a little girl we wanted a girl as preference and just waiting for her to arrive now :-) from what I have heard the placenta can move etc so try not to worry too much or discuss with midwife who could discuss it better with u. Do not google as will worry u as I was told the same at first scan x

  • Aw congratulations. And sounds like a positive step for you and your partner too :-) I had a low lying placenta and at my follow up scan it had moved so try not to be too concerned about that :D x

  • Congrats. .my bf was the same. .and even the first few weeks of our sons life he found it tough as I bf and my son just wanted me but now at 16 weeks and my son goes longer between feeds etc it actually melts my heart when I hear my son laughing with him..x

  • That's so exciting, seems like he is coming round after all!! :) now to pick a name for your princess!! :) xx

  • Congratulations on finding out you expecting a lil princess xz

  • Congratulations! Girls are so special :-)

    I'm sure daddy will come round, it sounds like he's moving in the right direction :-) Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy x

  • Thank you all. Im so excited. Names is the next hurdle, he dislikes all my suggestions! We like Irish names as he's half Irish so any suggestions are very welcome, we can't agree!! Xx

  • I love the Irish name Aoife and it means beautiful/joyful. I think that meaning is true of every new bubba x

  • Aoife is my favourite so far and he 'doesn't hate it'll so its number 1 at the moment! X

  • Oh good stuff! You might have a name picked soon then! x

  • Congratulations! My placenta was low lying and had my 34 week scan today and had moved and all is well. Fingers crossed same will happen for u x

  • That's brilliant news. Fingers crossed mine will be the same. 34 weeks, you must be excited x

  • I love Irish names!! I like Aisling, Niamh and Orlagh xx

  • Love you profile. Pic! :-D xx

  • Thanks!! Went to sleep on his back and this is how I found him 15 mins later!!! X

  • Awww :-) bless him x happy new year xx

  • I like Orla a lot and i like the way you've spelt it too :) x

  • Yeah it's much "Prettier" looking than Orlagh hope you come to an agreement on little ones name!! So happy fir you that things are looking up! X

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